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What does Hans Zimmer do for a living?

What does Hans Zimmer do for a living?

Instead of a maestro or projected film scenes, Hans Zimmer took centre stage as musician and host alongside an orchestra, choir, and band, allowing listeners to completely immerse themselves in his much-loved film soundtracks. With the “Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2021” the popular film composer is back live on stage by popular demand.

Who are the members of the Hans Zimmer band?

Cast overview, first billed only: Hans Zimmer Self – Piano / Guitar / Banjo Yolanda Charles Self – Electric Bass Michael Einziger Self – Guitar Nick Glennie-Smith Self – Keyboards Guthrie Govan Self – Guitar

What did Hans Zimmer score The Lion King?

Zimmer most recently scored the live-action remake of The Lion King, for which he received a Grammy® nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. The film, which was released by Disney on July 19, 2019, grossed over $1.7 billion at the box office.

When is Hans Zimmer going to play in Europe?

Hans Zimmer says: “As much as I would have loved to play live for you all across Europe next year with the Hans Zimmer Live band, our orchestra and choir, we have made the difficult decision to delay the tour until 2022. We are all convinced that this is the only way to offer you, as well as us, a great and safe live tour for everyone.

Who was the director of the Hans Zimmer concert?

The renowned film score composer leads a concert featuring his cinematic compositions. Did You Know? Director of Photography Rolf Dekens already had meet and greet tickets for the concert because he is a big fan of Hans Zimmer.

What kind of synthesizers did Hans Zimmer use?

Levinson was impressed by Zimmer’s work and hired him to score Rain Man. In the score, Zimmer uses synthesizers (mostly a Fairlight CMI) mixed with steel drums.

What kind of piano does Hans Zimmer play in Driving Miss Daisy?

Driving Miss Daisy’ s instrumentation consisted entirely of synthesizers and samplers, played by Zimmer. According to an interview with Sound on Sound magazine in 2002, the piano sounds heard within the score come from the Roland MKS–20, a rackmount synthesizer.

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