Is Mutodi Neshehe still married?

Is Mutodi Neshehe still married?

According to Leslee, they reconciled in November 2020, after separating in 2018, and they had planned for him to move back into their family home on 1 July. Mutodi always wanted me to be strong and independent; now I truly understand why.

What killed Neshehe?

Muvhango actor Mutodi Neshehe (46) has passed away. According to a family member that spoke to TRUELOVE, the star was rushed to hospital on Thursday night following complications with breathing. Mutodi was known mostly for his role as Ndalamo on Muvhango. He also had a short stint on Generations.

Who passed away at Muvhango?

actor Mutodi Neshehe
Muvhango actor Mutodi Neshehe has died at the age of 46. On Thursday, Mutodi’s wife, Leslee Dalton, announced her husband’s death on Facebook, writing: “It is with great sadness that we announce that Mutodi passed this evening at 10 past 7.”

Is Ndalamo dead?

Former Muvhango actor Mutodi Neshehe has died, his family confirmed in a statement on Thursday evening. The actor, known for his role as Ndalamo Mukwevho on the popular soapie, died on Thursday.

How old is mutodi?

46 years (January 12, 1975)
Mutodi Neshehe/Age

Who was mutodi Neshehe married to?

Leslee Neshehe
Mutodi Neshehe/Spouse

How old is mutodi Neshehe?

Who is the owner of muvhango?

Duma Ndlovu
He is well known in the South African television industry, having created award-winning shows such as Muvhango, Imbewu: The Seed and Uzalo….

Duma Ndlovu
Occupation Producer director screenwriter poet playwright journalist
Years active 1992–present
Notable work Bergville stories The Game Muvhango Uzalo

Where does mutodi Neshehe come from?

Soweto, South Africa
Mutodi Neshehe/Place of birth

Who is Leslee Dalton?

Owner of a consulting company and talent agency. Hoping to make a positive difference by helping people to reach their full potential.

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