How long is T-Mobile contract?

How long is T-Mobile contract?

The contract requires the customer to pay off the new smartphone in monthly installments for 24 months.

How much does it cost to break a contract with T-Mobile?

Bring your most recent (itemized) mobile bill into a T-Mobile store or initiate the buyout process online. They’ll tell you how much you’re eligible for the contract buyout: you can get up to $325 for termination fees and up to $650 to help you pay off your device, with an overall max of $650.

What is T-Mobile cancellation policy?

If you only recently signed up for T-Mobile’s service and are leaving due to problems with coverage, T-Mobile has a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return your devices and cancel your plan without any restocking fees or charges for the service.

Can I remove a line from my T-Mobile family plan?

If you’re looking to stop or remove a line from your T-Mobile family plan, you can cancel it by speaking to one of T-Mobile’s customer service representatives. You can also do it in-store, but it’ll actually be the same process where the store will call T-Mobile’s customer service.

How do I contact T Mobile?

T-Mobile can be contacted by Internet Live Chat, dialing 611 from T-Mobile phones or dialing 1-877-453-1304, or by mail.

Does T Mobile have contracts?

T-Mobile does not do contracts. You only pay per month for your plan. Device payments would be extra and if financed, would require a 24 month payment agreement, unless paid in full or paid off early.

How do I refill my T Mobile prepaid?

T-Mobile offers many convenient ways to refill your prepaid account. You can use refill cards or credit and debit cards. If you’re plan has limited minutes, you can refill your account online, by phone, or by purchasing a refill card. We’ll send a free text message reminder when you get close to the balance expiration date.

How do I sign up for T Mobile?

How To Sign Up At The T-Mobile. Get your computer connected to a reliable, fast and secured internet connection. Open the web browser that suits your connection. Go to this link: my.t-mobile.com. Now, click the white “Sign Up” button. Type in your first name and then the last name. Provide your email address in the next field.

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