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Where is langley Wood?

Where is langley Wood?

Langley Wood is a 31.6 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Cambridgeshire, but lying between Saffron Walden in Essex and Haverhill in Suffolk. This ancient wood has coppiced ash and hornbeam, together with maple, hazel and oak.

Where do you park for Langley Vale centenary wood?

There is currently no car park at Langley Vale Wood. The nearest public parking is located on the Epsom Downs at Hut and Tattenham Crescent Car Parks on Tattenham Corner Road, and Viewpoint Car Park on Grandstand Road.

Where can I walk on Epsom Downs?

You can start your walk from the Tattenham Corner car park at the northern end of the downs. Tattenham Corner train station is also very close to the start of the walk so you can easily visit by public transport. The footpath then passes through the course, heading across Walton Downs towards Walton on the Hill.

Where is the Witches Tree in Grovely Woods?

Sightings of the sisters have been reported over the years. There is a hollow at the back of the largest tree where people leave offerings. The trees are located approximately 50 meters away from the Roman road some ten minutes walk from the Wilton end of the wood.

Where is the bunker in Grovely Woods?

Walk east on the path until you come to a farm building, then follow the path known as Second Broad Drive – this is the Roman road. Keep going down the path, and you will find the first bunker at what3words: signified.

How long is Epsom Racecourse?

1 miles
The main Epsom Downs racetrack, is a horseshoe-shaped left-handed rollercoaster of a course, 1 miles, 4 furlongs and 6 yards in length, with a series of left and right and undulations, difficult changes in camber, a downhill section, and two steep inclines.

What time are dogs allowed on Epsom Downs?

AND 08.00 – 09.30 ON SUNDAYS Dogs should be kept on a lead and under strict control during racehorse training times (above). All dogs must be kept in sight and under strict control at all other times. Please ensure you clean up after your dog and use any of the litter bins provided to dispose of bagged waste.

What is the oldest human feature in Epsom and how old is it?

The earliest evidence of human activity in Epsom is from the mid-Bronze Age. Remains of pits, ditches and post holes in Long Grove Road indicate that the area north of the town centre was used for agriculture in prehistoric times, which may suggest the presence of an established settlement nearby.

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