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What does it mean if something is not definitive?

What does it mean if something is not definitive?

adj. 1 serving to decide or settle finally; conclusive. 2 most reliable, complete, or authoritative. the definitive reading of a text. 3 serving to define or outline.

What is definitive example?

A definitive example is the perfect example. A definitive answer is usually a strong yes or no. A definitive biography contains everything we’ll ever need to know about someone. Ella Fitzgerald’s famous 1950s recordings of American songs have even been called definitive–but no one ever wanted them to be the last.

What is a definitive sentence?

The final judgment, decree, or sentence of an ecclesiastical court. What Does Disposed Mean In A Court Case? …

What’s a definitive word?

A definitive word. (grammar) A word, such as a definite article or demonstrative pronoun, that defines or limits something.

What is another word for not definite?

What is another word for not definite?

doubtful questionable
dubious debatable
unsettled unconfirmed
uncertain equivocal
iffy unclear

What is meant by definitive diagnosis?

Listen to pronunciation. (deh-FIH-nih-tiv DY-ug-NOH-sis) A final diagnosis that is made after getting the results of tests, such as blood tests and biopsies, that are done to find out if a certain disease or condition is present.

What types of words are always and never?

Always and never are adverbs of frequency. The phrase all the time is a noun phrase.

What are definitive statements?

most reliable or complete, as of a text, author, criticism, study, or the like: the definitive biography of Andrew Jackson. serving to define, fix, or specify definitely: to clarify with a definitive statement.

What is the meaning of not defined?

: not defined: such as. a : not clearly or precisely shown, described, or limited undefined rules undefined powers a vague, undefined feeling of dread … the true outlines of Clinton’s foreign policy remain undefined.—

What does definite time mean?

Definition of definite-time : having a purposely delayed action, the periods of delay being substantially alike regardless of the magnitude of the operating forces —used especially of relays.

Which is an example of a nonfinite phrase?

A nonfinite phrase or clause is a word group that contains a nonfinite verb form as its central element.

Can a non-example be used as an example?

Examples and Non-Examples may be used with other tactics such as Venn Diagrams, Concept Maps, Concept Frames, and Mental Images. It is important to note that the instances you develop as Examples and Non-Examples must belong to only one of the defined concepts you are teaching.

Which is the best definition of nondescriptive?

Definition of nondescriptive. : not serving to describe : not descriptive. The text in a hyperlink can be anything but it should clearly describe the target resource.

When to use a nonfinite verb in a sentence?

In English grammar, a nonfinite verb is a form of the verb that does not show a distinction in number, person, or tense, and normally cannot stand alone as the main verb in a sentence.

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