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How do I reset my Zmodo camera password?

How do I reset my Zmodo camera password?

You can request a password reset from your smartphone in the Zmodo app or through the website login page at Click “forgot password” on the login page in the app or on, and you will be asked to input your email address. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I log into my Zmodo camera?

You can view your camera online through our web app at Just log in using your the same account credentials that you use to log into the mobile app in order to view and control your devices through your computer’s web browser.

What is my camera password?

IP camera default password list

Camera Manufacturer Username Password
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234
Honeywell admin 1234

What is my Zmodo password?

Login: admin Password: 666666.

What do I do if my Zmodo camera is offline?

Disconnect the camera from the power, wait 5 seconds, and plug it back in. Do the same reboot with the NVR system. Not able to pull up camera on Internet Explorer: If you were not able to pull up your camera through its IP Address on Internet Explorer, you will want to reset the camera back to defaults.

How do I reset my security camera password?

If you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting via hardware reset button. To reset the IP Camera via the hardware reset button, please press and hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds and then all the settings will go to the default settings.

How do you factory reset a Zmodo NVR?

Option #1: Press and hold the reset button on the back of the NVR. This will restore everything back to factory defaults. Option #2: Use the Restore to Defaults option from within the menu.

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