What is MissRemiAshten ethnicity?

What is MissRemiAshten ethnicity?

i’m both korean and guamanian (chamorro), and my heart is so sad right now sending all my love to my family and everyone else in #guam.

What is MissRemiAshten full name?

Remi Cruz (MissRemiAshten) is a Social Media influencer ,Youtuber,Podcaster, Entrepreneur. Remi has over 2 Million Subscribers on her Youtube Channel MissRemiAshten and over 1 million on her Vlog channel Remlife and 1 million followers on her instagram @MissRemiAshten . Remi was born on 7 February 1995.

What college did MissRemiAshten go to?

She attended the University of California, Riverside and was in the Delta Gamma sorority. When she isn’t posting pictures of her beach life, she covers lifestyle topics including hacks as well as posting beauty content.

Why is Remi Cruz famous?

YouTube Star Remi Cruz Built a Lifestyle Brand With Millions of Followers by Staying True to Herself. In 2012, she launched a YouTube channel, MissRemiAshten, to talk about the things she loved, from fashion and makeup to dance and music to DIY projects and, more recently, to cooking, fitness and overall wellness.

How old is Missremiashten?

Remi Cruz was born on 7 February 1995. Remi Cruz is 26 years old.

How tall is Missremiashten?

-height: 5’11 -shoe size: 10 -zodiac sign: Aquarius -tattoos: 10… SUSHI IS MY FAVE.

How did Remi ashten meet her boyfriend?

My bf and I met on tinder and have been together for over two years now!!

How old is Remi?

26 years (February 7, 1995)
Remi Cruz/Age

What city does Remi ashten live in?

Los Angeles, CA
8914 Devlin Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069 | Zillow.

What breed is Remi ashten dog?

remi cruz ✨ on Twitter: “i got momo’s dna results back… and my 6lb dog is 11% pitbull HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

Are Remi and Alisha still friends?

It’s official, we want to be BFFs with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz! Both Alisha and Remi revealed they before they were total attached-at-the-hip besties, the two totally fangirled over each other. Now, they’re totally just supporting each other’s career endeavors.

How long have Remi and Cal been together?

I feel! My bf and I met on tinder and have been together for over two years now!!

How tall is missremiashten height and weight?

MissRemiAshten Height Weight Body Statistics are here. Her height is 1.67 m and weight is 64 kg. See her all boyfriends’ names and entire biography.

How are race and ethnicity asked in the OMB?

While OMB allows two formats for the race and Hispanic ethnicity questions—one combining both race and Hispanic ethnicity in a single question and the other asking about them in two separate questions, with the Hispanic ethnicity question being asked first ( Table 3-1 )—OMB explicitly prefers the latter two-question format ( OMB, 1997b ).

How many followers does missremiashten have on Instagram?

A password will be e-mailed to you. MissRemiAshten is a famous American YouTuber and an Instagram star who has garnered over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Her posts and videos related to her travel, beauty, fashion, and various other related topics keep her fans engaged.

Who is Remi from missremiashten dating now?

Cal Parsons (2019-Present) – Since July 2019, Remi is dating Cal Parsons. On July 29, 2020, she posted a video on her YouTube channel of the 1-year anniversary. She has Korean and Guamanian (Chamorro) ancestry.

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