How many records has JHUD sold?

How many records has JHUD sold?

Studio albums

Title Album details Sales
I Remember Me Released: March 22, 2011 Label: Arista Formats: CD, digital download US: 459,000 (as of 2014)
JHUD Released: September 23, 2014 Label: RCA Formats: CD, digital download US: 61,000 (as of 2014)
“—” denotes an album that did not chart

What other artists did Jennifer Hudson collaborate with on her latest 2014 album?

Hudson worked with several producers and songwriters on the album, including Rock City, Missy Elliott, Brian Kennedy, Ne-Yo, Salaam Remi, T-Pain, Tank, Timbaland and The Underdogs, among others.

What was Jennifer Hudson first album?

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson/First album

How old was Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls?

Hudson, 35, portrayed the role Holliday made famous, Effie White, in the 2006 film adaptation of “Dreamgirls,” which earned her an Oscar.

Who is the highest selling American Idol?

Carrie Underwood
Artists with sales of 500,000 or more albums

Contestant Total sales
1. Carrie Underwood (season 4, winner) 16,771,300
2. Kelly Clarkson (season 1, winner) 13,573,000
3. Chris Daughtry (as Daughtry) (season 5, 4th place) 7,204,000
4. Clay Aiken (season 2, runner-up) 5,069,000

How did Jennifer Hudson lose weight? revealed that Jennifer used one simple diet plan to shed the 80-pounds, shocking many of her fans. The singer and actress chose to use Weight Watchers, now known as WW, to shed and keep off the stubborn weight. Originally, Jennifer chose to lose the weight around the time she was pregnant with her son.

Why does Jennifer Hudson throw shoes?

To show a contestant that they nailed their audition, she revealed she has taken to throwing her shoes up on stage. Performers usually throw shoes as a sign of respect for a great performance, and Jennifer was slinging them all over the shop. It means you are singing SO well I’m gonna throw my shoe at you!

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