Who makes AICO furniture?

Who makes AICO furniture?

AICO Furniture, designed by Michael Amini, has been a top name brand since 1988. AICO, which stands for Amini Innovation Corp, features original furniture designs for bedroom, living room, dining room, home office and entertainment centers.

Where is AICO furniture made?

Where is the furniture made? AICO® product is made in its factories throughout Asia. Only the most skilled craftsmen are employed, so as to comply with the strict standards of quality that AICO® expects.

Where is Michael Amini from?

The company offers original, high-quality furnishings inspired by high fashion, Old World architecture and travel. Born in Iran in 1956, Amini left the country at 17, and travelled to England. He returned to Iran to join the army, and the day he finished his service, Amini left to discover the world.

How do you clean Aico furniture?

Clean vinyl, wood and metal surfaces with a clean, (water) damp white cloth. Clean glass surfaces with water or glass cleaner applied to a clean cloth; to prevent overspray, do not spray liquid directly onto the furniture. Do not use chemical solvents on any of the finishes or surfaces.

Who is Michael Amini wife?

Personal: Amini said he has little leisure time. “I still work 20 hours a day and feel like I need to work 24 more.” When he can break away, Amini and his wife of 18 years, Lily, travel with teenage sons Kian and Iman.

Who is the founder of AICO furniture company?

Michael Amini, founder of Amini Innovation, uses his extensive world travels as the backdrop and inspiration behind AICO’s luxurious and distinctive pieces. From intricately carved headboards to velvet and cedar-lined drawers, AICO takes extra steps in highlighting design, style, and detail in each of its pieces.

What kind of wood does Aico furniture use?

From high-end Honey Walnut to gorgeous vintage Fruitwood, AICO uses the finest and most fashionable materials to decorate your home with. What styles are AICO furniture pieces inspired by?

Do you get free shipping on AICO furniture?

Shown in Creamy Pearl finish. Free Shipping. Shown in Creamy Pearl finish. Free Shipping. Available in Crystal Croc or Amazing Gator Finish. Free Shipping. Shown in Crystal Croc finish. Free Shipping. Available in Crystal Croc or Amazing Gator Finish. Free Shipping. Finished as Shown.

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