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How do I make my cape house feel bigger?

How do I make my cape house feel bigger?

One of the best ways to make any room feel bigger is by lighting it up, wall to wall, corner to corner. This is usually easiest to do by adding windows, which can be especially effective when placed high up toward the ceiling in a tiny house, leaving room on the walls.

How much does it cost to convert a cape to a colonial?

Project, Convert a Cape into a Colonial Based on the most common size cape, usually, 32′ frontage and 24′ deep (768 sq. ft) and usually creating a total of 3 bedrooms (1 being a master) & 2 bathrooms (1 being a master) the cost could range between $125 to $ 150 per square foot.

What is the difference between a cape and a ranch?

Capes make wonderful starter homes, bi-levels offer a unique living space arrangement, ranches are great for those who need or prefer a stairless environment, and splits provide a way to make a house look roomier than it is.

Why did a couple remodel their Cape Cod home?

A few children later, the charming home became too cramped for the family, and they decided a remodel was in order. Appreciating the house style, the couple left the front exterior alone and added on to the back.

Can a porch be added to a Cape Cod home?

Adding a porch can break up the roof line while maintaining the style and character of the original home, says Steenlage. With more people eager to connect with their neighbors and find ways to transition into their home (and avoid standing in the rain with groceries, for example), a porch can offer a lot of value.

How much does it cost to repaint a house in Cape Cod?

Estimated savings: $13,600 up front, plus at least $1,000 a year in upkeep (repainting every five years) Went with faux-stone veneer made from cast concrete for the exterior walls of the new mudroom entry and on the front wall of the garage.

What to look for in a Cape Cod house?

A larger master bedroom was a top priority for the homeowners. Extending the back of the house made room for two large closets, a bigger master bath, and more floor space. A plank-wood ceiling adds architectural character.

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