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What happens in Chapter 19 Kite Runner?

What happens in Chapter 19 Kite Runner?

Summary: Chapter 19. Rahim Khan arranges for an acquaintance named Farid to take Amir to Kabul. Farid and his father had fought against the Soviets. Later, after Farid had children, he lost two daughters and three fingers on his left hand to a land mine.

What is Chapter 17 about in The Kite Runner?

Summary: Chapter 17 The story shifts back to Amir’s perspective. Amir sits with Rahim Khan thinking of everything that happened between him and Hassan. Amir asks if Hassan is still in Baba’s house, and Rahim Khan hands him an envelope. It contains a photograph of Hassan and a letter for Amir.

What truth did Rahim finally tell Amir at the end of Chapter 17?

Rahim Khan tells Amir that this is not about money and tells Amir of a conversation that he had had with Baba about Amir’s not being willing or able to stand up for himself. Rahim Khan also tells Amir that Baba was Hassan’s biological father.

How did Baba betray Ali?

Baba betrays his longtime Hazara friend, Ali, by sleeping with his wife and getting her pregnant. Baba then betrays his illegitimate son, Hassan, by refusing to acknowledge that he is his biological father.

Where is Sohrab at the end of Chapter 20?

He tells Amir and Farid that the official took Sohrab a month ago. If they want to find him, he will be at Ghazi Stadium the next day.

What secret is revealed at the end of Chapter 17?

What secret is revealed at the end of Chapter 17? Ali was sterile; Baba was Hassan’s father. This brings new understanding to Baba’s treatment of Hassan.

Why did Baba never call Ali his friend?

Summary: Chapter 4 Amir’s grandfather takes the young Ali in, and Ali and Baba grow up together. Baba, however, never calls Ali his friend. Similarly, because of their ethnic and religious differences, Amir says as a child he never thought of Hassan as a friend.

What sin did Baba commit?

The primary sin Baba commits is being a detached parent to his only son, Amir. A boy’s relationship with his father is important in any case, but since Amir does not have a mother it is even more important for the boy to have a connection to his father.

What is a brief summary of the Kite Runner?

Book Summary. The Kite Runner is the story of Amir, a Sunni Muslim, who struggles to find his place in the world because of the aftereffects and fallout from a series of traumatic childhood events.

Who are the characters in the Kite Runner?

In the novel The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini , the characters Hassan, Amir and Sohrab fill important roles throughout the story. Hassan fills the role of tragedy within the novel because of the multiple unfortunate events which occur toward him in the novel.

Who is the main character in the Kite Runner?

Amir, the main character and narrator in the Kite Runner, belongs to a wealthy family in which his father is a powerful businessman. Amir is also a part of the dominant Pashtun ethnic group and Sunni religious group.

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