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20 Business Ideas You Could Set Up

20 Business Ideas You Could Set Up

Struggling to come up with a new business idea? Have a look at our 20 business ideas and make use of them until they become too popular!

20 Business Ideas That Will Work

Batamanta, Tamagotchi, Facebook, dog hotels, food delivery, Ikea, crowdfunding, drones, and even buying stars could have been failures as businesses. However, all of them were born out of an idea.

At this point, it seems that everything is already invented. However, our increasingly global world has lots of people with different tastes, and there is a market for each and every one of them. We have put together a list of 20 business ideas that you can make use of now. But be quick before they become too popular and don’t work anymore.

1. Food Delivery Service for Vegetarians

Don’t you find it curious that you can order practically all kinds of food except vegetarian? These days, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle, which is why this is a great niche market with many opportunities.

2. Online Supermarkets for Single People

How much food do we throw away because it goes bad? If you live alone, lettuce buds you buy from the nearby supermarket last 5 days, while potatoes start to rot in two weeks. It would be great if you could find supermarkets that offer healthy and long-lasting food for single people.

3. Your Wardrobe App

Remember the Clueless movie back from the 90s? In one scene, the main heroine tries on all items in her wardrobe before choosing an outfit she’s OK with. That will probably be the case in the near future, but, as of today, an app allowing us to do the same would be a great idea.

4. Online Assistant

Companies do hire personnel via outsourced call centers, don’t they? Why not do the same for interesting topics and events?

You could do everything with such a handy assistant — from hiring a catering company to ordering from!

 5. Environmental Education for Businesses and Households

What if all companies could undergo a training course that would allow them not only to cut their costs but also care for the environment? Even for households, it would be a good thing to learn to consume energy responsibly.

6. Shopping Truck

In many countries, food trucks are a convenient way to buy food fast and at a good price. The idea would be to extend this concept to other types of services, such as jewelry, fashion, interior design, etc.

7. Online Travel Agency to Increase People’s Cultural Awareness

It would be great if individuals who cannot travel for whatever reason (e.g., illness, old age, work) could pay a travel agency to take them on an online cultural trip. You could get to know the most important places in the city, stroll through its streets, and discover the popular tourist attractions in it.

 8. Recipes at Home

That would be a service delivering home-made meals prepared according to your own recipes. Maybe that way, you could try everything you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t because you lacked cooking skills or didn’t don’t have enough time.

9. Online Store Selling Clothes for Specific Occasions

This is an online or brick-and-mortar store selling clothes for specific occasions (e.g., an important meeting, wedding, birthday, or special appointment). This way you won’t have to think about combining the clothes you buy.

 10. Vertical Garden Business

You don’t have a terrace, but you’ve always wanted to have a garden in apartments? It would be a business that designs and sells products for vertical gardens set up on the interior walls of your home.

11. Training Center for Boosting One’s Mental Abilities

It would be a training center in which individuals could perform different neurobic exercises (e.g., games, classes, lectures, etc.)

 13. Baby Clothes For Rent

Baby clothes are changed every two months of a child’s life. Isn’t it absurd to buy clothes nobody will wear anymore? What if there was a service that instead of selling clothes, rented them out or recycled them?

 14. Online Сhat Platform for Learning Languages

It would be great if there was an online platform where native speakers and learners of a particular language could communicate for a certain period of time.

15. Professional For a Day

It would be a business allowing individuals to pick up basic skills in any trade or profession in a day or two. It would be particularly useful for people who do not know what to study or what to do.

 16. Platform for Casting Actors

Only people who watch movies know really well which actor should play the main role in an upcoming movie. What if the casting of actors was done anonymously and online

17. Movie Theaters and Art Galleries in Airports

There are numerous stores in airports where you can do your shopping when you have to wait for your flight. It would be nice if you could also watch movies in small cinemas or check out art pieces in galleries, too.

18. Anti-Stress Facilities

These can be places you can go to when you want to break things, shout in soundproof rooms, attend relaxation classes or inspiring talks when you’ve had a stressful day.

19. Glasses For Rent

This will be a service providing you with an opportunity to rent diving glasses, 3D glasses, or glasses for certain types of work.

 20. Power-Generating Gyms

What if we could generate electricity while working out on exercise machines? That could supply the gym with its own energy. So, why not do something like that? Why not produce exercise bikes that charge mobiles or generate energy for showers?

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