Why is my iOS simulator so Slow?

Why is my iOS simulator so Slow?

Chances are you accidentally toggled it on. Simple Command + T will fix this problem. Command + T toggles the simulator’s Slow Animations , which can be found under the Simulator Menu: Debug -> Slow Animations . Go to the simulator’s Debug menu and select “Toggle Slow Animations”.

How can I speed up my iPhone simulator?

A couple things you could do include:

  1. Close unused applications to free system resources such as cpu & memory.
  2. make sure “slow animations” is not selected in the simulator debug menu. Short cut for this is ⌘T simulator -> Debug -> slow animations.

How do I simulate a slow Internet connection on my iPhone?

Simulate Poor Network on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to the Developer option.
  2. Select the Network Link Conditioner under NETWORKING option.
  3. Now enable the Network Link Conditioner & choose the network profile you want, and start testing how your app works in different conditions.

How can I make Xcode run faster?

How to Make Xcode Run Faster

  1. Show Build Time. You have to enable this settings via command line:
  2. Whole Module Optimization. The default settings from Xcode makes the build process slow.
  3. Pods too. Similarly, you can add a post install hook to Podfile .
  4. Build Active Architecture Only.
  5. Other Tricks.

How do I fake a bad network connection?

To simulate a bad internet connection on Android devices, try using Charles Proxy:

  1. Download and install Charles Proxy.
  2. Click Proxy > Throttle Settings.
  3. Click Enable Throttling.
  4. Choose from Throttle Presets, or manually enter required presets.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Proxy again.
  7. Click Start Throttling.

How do I fake a network problem with zoom?

Zoom Escaper is a free web widget that lets you add several fake audio effects to the next Zoom Call you want to ditch. The audio effects include “bad connection”, “echo”, “upset baby”, “man weeping”, “wind”, “dogs”, “construction” and even “urination”. Here’s how to use Zoom Escaper for yourself.

How can I make Xcode 12 faster?

Speeding Up Xcode Builds

  1. 9 Tweaks to Speed up Xcode Builds.
  2. UPDATE: This article has been expanded to add two factors to think about when speeding up VMs.
  3. Increase the thread count:
  4. Enable the New Build System:
  5. Tweak the iOS simulator:
  6. Use parallelized builds:
  7. Turn on build time summary:
  8. Bigger build machines:

Does Xcode slow down Mac?

Again the first thing that I did was to install Xcode. again no giveaways in activity monitor. I tried a system reset with a fresh install of OSX, and did some testing before installing Xcode, things seemed alright without Xcode….Virtual Memory Information:

Available RAM 2.47 GB
Cached files 2.39 GB
Swap Used 157 MB

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