Are ballistic advantage good barrels?

Are ballistic advantage good barrels?

The Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel has served me well. I’m testing out other barrels all the time but I know I’ll be coming back to this one… especially for competition. Lightweight, accurate, and pretty good bang-for-the-buck…it’s one of the barrels I wholeheartedly recommend in my Best AR-15 Barrels article.

What is a SPR barrel?

The White Oak Armament SPR AR15 Barrels are based on the Army’s Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) Rifle Development Program, tasked with improving the accuracy of the standard issue rifle against targets out to 600 meters. These 18” barrels were developed for airborne troops.

Does Aero Precision make their own barrels?

We manufacture most parts in house, including upper receivers, lower receivers, handguards, scope mounts, and various other pieces. Our barrels are manufactured at our partner company Ballistic Advantage.

What does SPR stand for with guns?

Special Purpose Rifle
The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle that was in service with United States Special Operations Forces in the designated marksman role until 2017, also designed to be shorter than standard weapons.

Is Aero Precision Made in USA?

Are Aero Precision products Made In America? Yes, all products available on our website are Made In America.

Is the Mk12 a sniper rifle?

The MK12 SPR is a modified variant of the M16 family of weapons. The SPR grew out of a requirement of the Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces for a compact light sniper weapon. To fulfill that need, the SPR is fitted with a threaded-muzzle match-grade free floating stainless steel heavy barrel.

Is the Mk12 obsolete?

The Mk12 SPR has since been replaced by the Mk16, Mk17 and M110 rifles, but the SPR is still used by a few of the SEAL teams and it still maintains almost a cult like following among the special operations groups. All from a light and compact M16 based rifle.

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