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Can you fish on the Basingstoke Canal?

Can you fish on the Basingstoke Canal?

Basingstoke Canal Angling Association manage fishing on the canal. All anglers on the canal are required to have an Environment Agency rod licence and a fishing permit. Fishing is allowed from the towpath side only and by rod and line (two rods maximum.)

What lures to use in canals?

What are the best baits and lures for bass fishing ponds and canals? The best natural baits for catching bass in ponds and canals are live bluegills or shiners fished with a 4/0 circle hook. The best lures for catching bass are soft plastic worms, lizards and toads rigged with a Texas Rig and a bullet weight.

What fish are in the Basingstoke Canal?

The pegs opposite the trees hold a massive head of fish; bream & tench to 6lb, carp to 20lb and plenty of roach and perch. Double figure bags of fish are common from these pegs during the summer early morning and late evening is best.

Is the Basingstoke Canal open?

Important notice. The Basingstoke Canal Visitor Centre is open. If you are planning to visit us, please check the latest Government guidance to understand the restrictions that apply.

Where is the best place to fish on a canal?

  • Bank space on a canal is often minimal, so make sure you travel light.
  • Marinas, boats, locks, turning bays and canal junctions are all good places to find canal carp.
  • Ditch the Spomb in favour of light feeding by hand.
  • A critically balanced hookbait will help present your bait above the silt.

Can you walk along the Basingstoke Canal?

The Basingstoke Canal Towpath Trail is 33½ miles from Penny Bridge to the River Wey at Woodham. The Towpath Trail is easily accessible. There are several railway stations near the canal giving walkers the option of walking one way and returning by train.

Can you cycle along the Basingstoke Canal?

Cyclists are also permitted to use the towpath but must give way to pedestrians. The interactive table below shows distances on the canal. At the junction with the River Wey Navigation, you can continue north to Weybridge or south to Guildford alongside the River Wey.

Where can I fish in Basingstoke?

Broadlands Lakes Coarse Fishery.

  • Bopeep, Petersfield Club.
  • Bowsaw and Billhook Fishery Lakes.
  • Charlies Fishing Lake, near Andover.
  • Chiphall Trout Fishery.
  • Dever Springs Trout Fishery.
  • Gang Warily Ponds.
  • Gold Valley Fishing Lakes.
  • What depth do you fish?

    Keep your bait in the fish zone. Either fish the top or the bottom. When deeper than 8 to 10 feet, always fish on the bottom, not close, but on the bottom whenever possible. The exxception to this rule is when crappie and white bass might “suspend” off the bottom.

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