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How do you kill the spider lady in Chapter 5 of the evil within?

How do you kill the spider lady in Chapter 5 of the evil within?

Simply run in and fall down to the floor below, then run to the switch. As soon as you see her jump down, toss the switch and she will burn again. If she wasn’t dead before, she will be now!

How do you save Kidman in the evil within?

You’ll see Kidman when you get to the shipping containers, so you need to head over to her and save her. Again, shoot the hanging bodies so they fall into the water and distract the beast while you make your way to the small island. Take down the enemies here quickly, then rescue Kidman.

Can you kill the spider lady in the evil within?

You can escape or kill her! There is a key you can only collect by killing her. Make sure to use all valves to burn her and lit bodies on fire with her very close to set her on fire!

What to do in the inner recesses of the evil within?

Go through it, then jump down the hole. When you do, you will see some rats running around, one of which has a statue on its back. Shoot it and go grab the key it drops, and collect the other items kicking around the area as well. To proceed, crawl under or shoot through the wood that is across the door frame.

Where do you go at the end of Evil Within?

Go through the door at the end and when you walk forward some bodies will fall. Try to burn them before they get up, but if not just kill them and run into the next room. You will find your partners here, being attacked, so jump into the fray and take them down.

Where is the Green Door in the evil within?

Once you grab it, push the left button, then head out to the wall and the blood will reveal a door. Go through, then walk down the hall to find a friend. With your friend proceed on until you reach the room with the double doors. On the right is a green door. Go through it to enter the hospital again.

Where are the cells in the evil within?

Make sure to check all the cells as they are empty now, and one has a Key. Leave the cells and run to the hole around the tank and jump down. Slide through the crack in the wall and as you walk forward to enemies will appear. Kill them, run on and make sure to check the small room to your left.

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