Who has died from LFO?

Who has died from LFO?

Devin Lima
Devin Lima, the singer behind the ’90s band LFO, has died of cancer at 41, bandmate Brad Fischetti confirmed on Twitter Wednesday.

Did Devin Lima die?

November 21, 2018
Devin Lima/Died

Is LFO still alive?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S. Lyte Funkie Ones (LFO) were an American pop and hip hop band consisting of vocalists Devin Lima (born Harold Lima; March 18, 1977 – November 21, 2018), Brad Fischetti (born September 11, 1975) and Rich Cronin (1974–2010).

Is Rich Cronin dead?

Deceased (1974–2010)
Rich Cronin/Living or Deceased

How did Devin from LFO died?

LFO singer Devin Lima died at age 41 on Wednesday morning (Nov. 21) following a yearlong battle with stage 4 cancer, according to TMZ.

How old is Devin Lima?

41 years (1977–2018)
Devin Lima/Age at death

Devin Lima, whose pop band LFO released the hit “Summer Girls” in 1999, has died following a yearlong battle with cancer at the age of 41.

How did Devin Lima die?

Devin Lima/Cause of death
LFO singer Devin Lima died early Wednesday morning after a year-long battle with stage 4 cancer, Variety has confirmed. He was 41. “My son has passed away,” his mother, Filomena Lima, told Us Weekly.

How did the guys from LFO died?

When L.F.O. — the hit-making boy band trio from the late 1990s — went on tour for the last time in 2017, it was without one of its three founding members, Rich Cronin, who had died in 2010 after an extended battle of leukemia. And just a year later, another L.F.O. member, Devin Lima, succumbed to cancer.

Who died from O Town?

Music mogul Lou Pearlman was the mastermind behind O-Town and managed them in the first year of their success. The band were later managed by Mike Cronin and Mike Morin. In August 2016, Lou Pearlman died of an infection of the inner lining of his heart while serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison in Florida.

How old was rich from LFO when he died?

36 years (1974–2010)
Rich Cronin/Age at death
“It’s devastating news but at the same time, there’s nobody I know stronger than Devin Lima. No one has a stronger body, mind or soul and if anybody can defeat this, it’s Devin.” Lima’s death comes eight years after LFO lead singer Rich Cronin died at the age of 36 after a lengthy battle with leukemia.

What did LFO stand for?

Rich Cronin, lead singer of boy band LFO, died Wednesday after battling leukemia for five years. He was 35. The Boston resident helped launch LFO, which stands for “Lyte Funky Ones,” in 1995. They later signed a contract with now-jailed Lou Pearlman, who managed ‘NSync and the Backstreet Boys.

What happened Devin LFO?

Devin Lima, a member of the popular pop group LFO, died Wednesday after battling cancer, his mother told Us Weekly. “My son has passed away,” Filomena Lima told Us Weekly. “His fiancée was living with him and let us know that he passed at 2:45 in the morning. He was struggling for 13 months since his cancer diagnosis.

Who was the last living member of LFO?

Brad Fischetti, the last living member of LFO, has broken his silence after bandmate Devin Lima ‘s death. “Harold ‘Devin’ Lima passed away early this morning after a valiant battle with cancer,” Fischetti, 43, confirmed in the emotional video posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

What did Devin Lima of LFO die of?

Fischetti wrote in a video and post shared on social media, “It is with a truly broken heart to say that my brother Harold ‘Devin’ Lima passed away early this morning after a valiant battle with cancer,” he said. “Devin, as the world knows him, was an extraordinary talent, a doting father to his six children, and a loving partner to their mother.”

Who was the lead singer of LFO in 1999?

LFO is best-known for its 1999 hit single “Summer Girls,” which was written by Cronin and spent four weeks at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. A second single, “Girl on TV,” reached No. 10 on the chart in 2000.

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