Did the T-28 see combat?

Did the T-28 see combat?

Combat history The T-28 was deployed during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, and the Winter War with Finland. Stalin’s Three-headed Monster, over 200 T-28s were knocked out during the Winter War, but only 20 of them were irrecoverable losses (including two captured by the Finnish Army).

When was the T28 made?

The T-28 was developed in 1948 and made its operational debut in 1950 as an advanced trainer for the United States Air Force (USAF).

How many T28 tanks were built?

T28 Super Heavy Tank

T95 Gun Motor Carriage Super Heavy Tank T28
Produced 1945
No. built 2
Mass 95 short tons (86.2 metric tons)

How did America lose the T 28?

What Happened to Them? One of the T28’s was sold for scrap after an engine fire during trials caused large amounts of damage. The remaining T28 went missing for 27 years before being discovered abandoned in a field in Virginia. It is now being displayed at Patton museum.

What was the first Super Heavy Tank?

Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
Panzer VIII Maus

Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
Type Super-heavy tank
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Service history
In service Relatively none, still under construction but was later destroyed to circumvent capture by the Soviet army in 1945.

What tank has the most armor?

The Challenger 2 has the latest Chobham armor and is one of the most protected MBTs in the world today. It offers very high level of protection against direct fire weapons. This British tank is armed with a very accurate 120 mm rifled gun. Its gun is rifled as opposed to smoothbore guns used by all other modern MBTs.

Where can I find a T 28 Trojan?

T-28 Walk-Around Photos — Great photos for detail modeling. Trojan Phlyers — Race Team and Airshows, Ft. Worth, Texas, USA. Warbird Registry: T-28 Trojan — Registry of known airframes. All text and photos Copyright 2016 The Doublestar Group, unless otherwise noted.

Where is the T 28 tank in Finland?

One restored T-28 is on display in Finnish field camouflage in the Parola Tank Museum, Finland. A further wreck is stored at Parola, now awaiting restoration and a hull previously used as a bunker was discovered near St. Petersburg.

What kind of gun does a T 28 tank have?

T-28 Model 1934 (German designation: T-28A) — main production model with the same machine gun turrets, and similar main turret, with the Model 27/32 76.2 mm gun, as the T-35 heavy tank.

What kind of tank was the Grotte T-28?

The T-29 was a prototype medium tank, a modernized T-28 with Christie suspension – a later version of this vehicle was considered for the competition of prototypes, which led to the T-34, but by then it was outdated (not to be confused with a Grotte tank project also called T-29).

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