What does pratiksha mean?

What does pratiksha mean?

Pratiksha is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Pratiksha name meanings is Hope, Waiting for something. Pratiksha is written in Hindi as प्रतीक्षा.

What is the Rashi of pratiksha?

Rashi of Name Pratiksha is kanya More detail about Baby name Pratiksha….Meaning of Pratiksha.

Name : Pratiksha
Gender : Girl
Rashi : Kanya
Nakshatra :
Numerology : 4

What is the meaning of pratiksha in Kannada?

Pratiksha is Kannada Girl name and meaning of this name is “Wait; Time; Awaiting”.

What does the name Rava mean?

Rava, also Suji, an Indian term for semolina; used in making Bombay rava, Rava dosa, etc.

Is the name pratiksha male or female?


Gender Female
Language(s) Sanskrit, Hindi
Word/name India
Meaning “waiting”

What is the spelling of Pratyaksh?

Pratyaksha (Sanskrit: प्रत्यक्ष IAST: pratyakṣa) literally means that which is perceptible to the eye or visible, in general usage it refers to being present, present before the eye i.e. within the range of sight, cognizable by any sense organ, distinct, evident, clear, direct, immediate, explicit, express, corporeal; …

How do you pronounce Prathiksha?

Phonetic spelling of Prathiksha

  1. p-r-uh-th-ee-k-sh-aa.
  2. Prathik-sha.
  3. Prath-iksha. Freddy Rice.

What is the English word of Pratheeksha?

wait countable noun. A wait is a period of time in which you do very little, before something happens. the four-hour wait for the result. /pratiksha, pratIkshA, prateekshaa, pratīkshā, prtiksha, prtIkshA, prteekshaa, prtīkshā/

Is rava a girl or boy name?

Rava – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is semolina and sooji same?

Semolina, rava, and sooji are three names of the same coarse flour obtained by granulating wheat. The word Semolina is Italian in origin while sooji is the word used for it in North India and Pakistan. Rava is the name for semolina in south India. The only difference is in the usage of the three names.

What is the meaning of Pratyaksh name?

(Pratyaksh Pronunciations) Pratyaksh is an Indian name for boys meaning In front of the eyes; Saakshaat.

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