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What songs are in the movie 48 hours?

What songs are in the movie 48 hours?

James Horner
48 Hrs./Music composed by

What band played in the movie 48 hours?

The BusBoys
The BusBoys is an American rock and roll band known for its association with Eddie Murphy and performing in the film 48 Hrs.

Who was the singer in another 48 hours?

Track Listing

Title/Composer Performer
1 The Boys Are Back in Town, song Brian O’Neal Jesse Johnson
2 Give It All You Got, song Michael Williams Curio
3 I Just Can’t Let It End, song Lamont Dozier Curio
4 I’ve Got My Eye On You, song Lamont Dozier Curio

Where was the movie 48 hours filmed?

San Francisco
Films shot in San Francisco. Paramount Pictures films. Films with screenplays by Walter Hill. 1980s buddy cop films.

Who wrote the theme song for 48 hours?

“48 Hours” 1997 – 2002 Theme This theme is composed by Richard Fiocca, whose long term association with 48 Hours started with this theme.

Who did the music for commando?

Commando/Music composed by

Who sang the boys are back in town in 48 hrs?

Boys Are Back in Town/Artists

Will there ever be another 48 Hours movie?

During our chat, I asked about the status of a remake based on the original 48 Hours directed by Walter Hill. At that point, in no uncertain terms, Josh Safdie said, “We’re not going to do that.” Speaking a bit further about what happened with the project, the filmmakers had this to say about it.

Is there a sequel to another 48 Hours?

It is the sequel to the 1982 film 48 Hrs. Nolte reprises his role as San Francisco police officer Jack Cates, who has 48 hours to clear his name from a manslaughter charge. To do so, he again needs the help of Reggie Hammond (Murphy), who is a newly released convict….

Another 48 Hrs.
Box office $153.5 million

What was Eddie Murphy’s first movie in 48 Hours?

You can isolate exactly what Murphy is talking about in his first film, Walter Hill’s 1982 crime film 48 Hours. Murphy doesn’t even appear for the first 25 minutes of the film. We follow Nick Nolte as Jack Cates, a gruff, tough-guy cop trying to catch a felon.

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