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What did Nabila sell on Storage Wars for?

What did Nabila sell on Storage Wars for?

Nabila took part during the earlier seasons on the show. She grew to popularity buying a unit that had some of Paris Hilton’s valuables in it. Ultimately, according to Storage Wars Fandom, she sold that same unit for a staggering $10 million according to the rumors out there.

When did Nabila Haniss start her storage business?

(2011-present): Nabila made her name in the business after purchasing a storage unit that contained items belonging to socialite Paris Hilton.

How much does Nabila Haniss make per episode?

Nabila Haniss’ estimated net worth is $10 million. She was the recurring cast in the Storage Wars and made $30,000 per episode. In 2006, Haniss purchased a storage box without realizing it belongs to Paris Hilton for $2.7k.

How tall is Nabila Haniss husband and daughter?

As per some online sources, Haniss’ husband is a banker and the duo shares a daughter. She is quite active on Facebook where she garnered more than 14k+ followers and on 25k+ followers on Twitter. Age: As of 2019, she is 53 years old. Height: She stands at an average height.

Where can I find Mary from Storage Wars?

Mary’s keeping busy today still working with Storage Wars. We can follow the A&E star on platforms like IG, Twitter and her very own website, Mary’s Finds. It seems like she’s also delving into other things, like personalized videos for fans, something we’ve seen lots of reality stars do in the past.

When did Storage Wars start on a & E?

Making its TV debut in December of 2010, it became evident from the start that this show was going to be a massive hit. Season two skyrocketed with an opening episode that drew in more than five million viewers for A&E, a record at the time. The show hit its prime during the earlier seasons and a lot of that had to do with the cast.

Is the vault on Storage Wars in mint condition?

Again, it might be hard to keep your eyes on the prize, especially given Casey’s revealing Bargain Hunters t-shirt. In truth, the vault is quite the find and a really expensive one at that. Luckily for the couple, it also looks to be in mint condition with just a few spots that need to be touched up.

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