How do you address selection criteria?

How do you address selection criteria?

How do I address the Selection Criteria?

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Read the Selection Criteria carefully.
  3. Address each Selection Criteria individually.
  4. Break the Key Selection Criteria into key points.
  5. Support your claims with evidence.
  6. Use active verbs.
  7. Use good English.
  8. Ask yourself the ‘so what?’ question.

How do you layout selection criteria?

How to write key selection criteria

  1. Step 1: brainstorm key words and ideas. Copy and paste the criteria from the position description into a new document.
  2. Step 2: write a statement using the SAO approach. Write a statement under each criterion of 60 to 120 words using the SAO approach:
  3. Step 3: proofread your statements.

What is the Sao approach?

The SAO approach You must provide specific examples that demonstrate your ability to meet each criterion. A good approach for writing these examples is called SAO (Situation, Action, Outcome). Outcome: the results of the action you took.

What is a selection criteria statement?

Selection criteria represent the key qualifications, training, abilities, knowledge, personal attributes, skills and experience a person must have in order to do a job effectively.

How do you address a selection criteria without experience?

In Summary, When You Don’t Meet the Criterion: Show how you have done something similar in the past. Show how you have learned something similar in the past. Give examples of how you are able to pick up the skills / knowledge / experience you are missing in a very quick time frame.

How to address selection criteria in a template?

Use the template as a guide to addressing this key selection criterion. If you\\’re applying for graduate positions in government departments and agencies, the selection criteria will often ask you to highlight how you\\’ve taken academic learnings and applied them to real-world situations.

How to address selection criteria in a statement of claims?

If you are writing a statement of claims against selection criteria as a Word document, list criteria as headings in bold print, and address each criterion in a couple of paragraphs. For criteria with more than one part, eg, ‘Effective written and verbal communication skills’, ensure you address each part.

How to write selection criteria on a resume?

Key Selection Criteria Examples and Templates Selection Criteria are the desired skills and abilities a job applicant needs to be able to demonstrate to be considered for a position. Knowing how to answer selection criteria on a resume can mean the difference between getting your dream job, or missing out completely.

How to show that you meet selection criteria?

Learn to show how well you meet the criteria by writing convincing statements in your job application. A key aim of a job application is to demonstrate that you meet the inherent requirements of the role.

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