What is Toyota Echo?

What is Toyota Echo?

The Echo was an element of Toyota Project Genesis, a failed effort to bring younger buyers to the marque in the United States. Power options on the Echo are a rare find; most models are equipped with manual windows and locks, air conditioning, and a six-speaker audio system with a CD and/or a cassette player.

Is Toyota Echo a good car?

The Toyota ECHO has been a very reliable car for me. For being a subcompact car it has a lot of space. The car is so small I hardly ever have trouble finding parking, but I still have enough room to constantly move back home from school. It is also very fuel efficient and saves you a lot of gas money.

What years did Toyota make the echo?

The Toyota Echo was launched in 2000 and ran through 2005. Sedan and coupe body styles were offered. All Echos were powered by a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine capable of 108 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque.

What car brand is an echo?

Toyota ECHO
Toyota ECHO Models, Generations & Redesigns |

How long will a Toyota Echo last?

The Toyota Echo should last over 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. The most important thing You can do to help Your car last a long time is do the scheduled maintenance.

Are Toyota Echos safe?

Toyota Echo Safety The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has conducted 0 recalls, 0 investigations of reports of a defective product, and recorded 5 safety complaints filed against this vehicle.

Does Toyota Echo have power steering?

The big difference now is that the Echo comes with power steering and airconditioning as part of every deal, and that is the ideal combination for most small-car shoppers.

Which is better Echo or Yaris?

The Yaris is heavier than the ECHO. The Yaris holds the road better. The ECHO uses less gas as it’s lighter. The Yaris seats are more comfortable and easier to fold down and fit stuff in.

Is the 2000 Toyota Echo a good car?

Super reliable, runs well and supreme gas mileage! This car drives well, leg room for all, excellent gas mileage, and a great all-around car.

How many miles can a Toyota Echo last?

How many miles will a Toyota Echo last?

When did the Toyota Echo come out in the US?

Introduced in 1999 and discontinued in 2005, the Echo along with its successor uses an engine (1.5L) similar to the one that powered the ” Tercel .” The Toyota Platz (1999 – 2005) sold as the Toyota Echo in North America and the Middle East.

How much does a Toyota Echo car cost?

Air conditioning couldn’t be had without a bunch of other extra-cost options, including power steering, a split/fold rear seat, a rear defroster and a CD player, so most Echos sold for over $13,000 — not much less than larger and more substantial cars like the Honda Civic and Dodge Neon. Proof of the Echo’s folly can be seen in the sales numbers.

Which is better Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris?

But by 2002, sales were down by half; in 2004 (just before sweet salvation arrived in the form of the new Yaris ), Toyota sold less than 4,000. The Yaris was undoubtedly a better car than the Echo, but then again, how could it not be?

What kind of car is the Toyota Platz?

The Toyota Platz is a supermini automobile that was manufactured in Japan by Toyota from 1999 through to 2005, when replaced by the Toyota Belta. Designated by Toyota as the XP10 series, the Platz was sold in export markets as either the Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris.

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