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What size deck does a John Deere D130 have?

What size deck does a John Deere D130 have?

42 inches
With the Edge Cutting System, the John Deere D130 lifts grass for a clean, even cut every time. The mower deck is 42 inches in size with two spindles. It also has a dual-stage E-coat and powder paint coating to keep it from rusting over time.

How much is a John Deere 130 tractor?

The price of John Deere D130 Tractor is $1899.00 US Dollar which is very cheap and reasonable. Such tractor with extraordinary features and specifications and also with reasonable price can be affordable by all, from small farmer to big farmer.

Who makes John Deere V twin engines?

The engines used in their machinery are mainly made by themselves but for certain machinery which requires less horsepower like 100Hp and below, John Deere uses engines from Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Briggs & Stratton.

Who makes 22 hp V twin John Deere branded engine?


What’s the difference between John Deere S120 and S130?

The S120 sports a 22 HP V-Twin Engine with a 42-inch Edge Mower Deck. The S130 also brings a 22 HP V-Twin Engine and 42-inch Edge Mower Deck, but it also comes with an electric PTO, as well as the hydrostatic transmission.

How do you sharpen riding lawn mower blades without removing them?

How to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing them?

  1. Collect the required tools.
  2. Seal the gas tank.
  3. Tilt the mower and place the wooden block under it on the other side to give it support.
  4. Clean the blade with water and a steel brush.
  5. Use the angle grinder or flat-file to sharpen the cutting edge slowly.
  6. Lower the mower.

When did the John Deere 130 riding mower come out?

John Deere 130 Parts The 130 Riding Lawn Tractor was produced from 1986-1988 as part of the Late 100 Lawn Series. Standard features included a 9 HP Kawasaki engine, 5 speed gear transmission, and a 30″ mid mount mower deck. Popular attachments include snow blower and front blade.

How often should I replace my John Deere 130 mower?

Regular Maintenance should be performed on the 130 every 50 hours and should include Spark Plug, Air Filter, Oil Filter, and to sharpen or replace mower blades.

Where can I buy a John Deere lawn mower?

This product is unavailable online. Please consult your nearest dealer. This product is unavailable online. Please consult your nearest dealer.

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