What is a good leaf area index?

What is a good leaf area index?

Globally, LAI is highly variable. Some desert ecosystems have a leaf area index of less than 1, while the densest tropical forests can have an LAI as high as 9. Mid-latitude forests and shrublands typically have LAI values between 3 and 6.

How is total leaf area measured?

Measuring Leaf Area

  1. Direct measurements: This involves taking the length and width of a leaf and using weighted regression equations for each species to get the leaf area.
  2. Millimeter graph paper method: Here a leaf is taken and traced over graph paper, and the grids covered by the leaf are counted to give the area.

What is leaf area index used for?

A leaf area index (LAI) expresses the leaf area per unit ground or trunk surface area of a plant and is commonly used as an indicator of the growth rate of a plant.

How can we find an irregular surface area of a leaf?

Count the number of squares which are completely covered and then add an estimate for the area of those partly covered. This method can also be used to estimate the amount of variegation on variegated leaves. Alternatively the photocopied leaves can be cut out and weighed.

How do you calculate the number of leaves on a tree?

To estimate the approximate number of leaves and the total leaf area of a deciduous tree, count the number of leaves on one twig. Estimate the number of twigs on a branch and the number of branches, then multiply these numbers together to get the (rough) total number of leaves (see below).

What is the formula of harvest index?

Harvest index is defined as the pounds of grain divided by the total pounds of above ground biomass (stover plus grain). As a general rule, in a normal year (i.e., without weather extremes) the harvest index will be 0.50.

What is difference between area and volume?

An area is a two-dimensional object whereas volume is a three-dimensional object. The area is a plain figure while volume is a solid figure. The area covers the outer space and volume covers the inner capacity. The area is measured in square units and volume is measured in cubic units.

Why is it important to calculate the surface area of the leaf?

Plants have a mechanism of regulating CO2 intake and water vapour escaping called transpiration. Hence, the leaf area helps to estimate the scope of transpiration process in a plant. Leave area measurement helps farmers and crop scientists to know how plants are adapting to the environment.

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