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How does Jiji make money?

How does Jiji make money?

Jiji’s top three categories for revenues and listings (in order) are vehicle sales, real estate and electronics sales (namely mobile phones). With the recent funding, the company’s total capital raised from 2014 to 2019 comes to $50 million.

How much is Jiji worth?

In five years Jiji has grown into a team of nearly 400 people. The platform has 10 million unique monthly visits and two million active ads with a combined worth of $10 billion.

Who is the owner of Jiji?

Anton Wolyansky
Jiji was founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria by Anton Wolyansky, who is the company’s CEO.

How much did Jiji buy Olx?

This made FCG the largest shareholder and parent company in the Nigerian car business. Two years later, FCG received $400 million from OLX Group (a division of Prosus, the Netherlands-based separate tech holdings of South African tech giant Naspers).

Is buying from Jiji safe?

Avoid anyone who asks for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service. Jiji never requests payments for its basic services and does not allow items that are not located in Nigeria, so import and brokerage fees should never be required.

Is OLX same as Jiji?

Today OLX has officially been renamed to Jiji. Walie Holdings Ltd. owns Jiji website, which will power a new website and experience where you can continue to buy and sell.

Is OLX now Jiji?

In April this year, Jiji, one of the largest marketplaces for classifieds in Africa, acquired OLX. OLX has been one of their biggest competitors in the African market and its businesses in East Africa and Ghana. The acquisition put about 300 million people in Jiji’s access within the five markets.

What is Jiji Ghana?

Description. Buy & Sell Anything in Ghana. is the best place to sell anything to real people. It is the biggest free online classified with an advanced security system. We provide a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buy almost anything.

Is there scammer on Jiji?

This scam exploits a loophole in the buying and selling process at A fake seller poses as a real seller, when he finds a customer, he uses the real seller to deliver the goods. Fake seller receives the payment for it instead of the real seller.

How long does it take to register new jijis account?

The following section will be shown to students. The following section is for JIJIS internal reference only. Your registration should be processed within 3 working days. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

Which is the designated Company / Organization email in jijis?

By checking this box, we declare that the login email is the designated company / organization email, which serves the purpose of direct recruitment for our company / organization. The following section will be shown to students for contacting your company / organization. The following section is for JIJIS internal reference only.

How to contact jijis support in Hong Kong?

If you encounter any problems or have any enquiries, please email us at [email protected], or fill out the following form. You may also wish to contact us at 3709 2920. Thank you.

Where can I get a job with jijis?

JIJIS is a web-based job information system shared by the 8 UGC-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. It offers one-stop online recruitment services to current students and fresh graduates of full-time UGC-funded programmes, and employers for free.

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