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What medicine has codeine and promethazine?

What medicine has codeine and promethazine?

Promethazine with Codeine is a combination medicine used to treat cold or allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and cough. Promethazine with Codeine contains an opioid (narcotic) cough medicine, and may be habit-forming.

How much codeine is in promethazine and codeine cough syrup?

Each 5 mL (one teaspoonful), for oral administration contains: Promethazine hydrochloride 6.25 mg; codeine phosphate 10 mg in a flavored syrup base with a pH between 4.8 and 5.4. Alcohol 7%.

Who manufactures codeine promethazine?

Official Answer. PAR and Hi-Tech are pharmaceutical manufacturers. They both manufacture promethazine with codeine syrup so the only real significant difference is the taste and colour.

Does promethazine hydrochloride syrup have codeine?

Promethazine Hydrochloride and Codeine Phosphate Syrup contains 2 medicines, promethazine and codeine. Promethazine is an antihistamine. Codeine is a narcotic cough suppressant. because it contains codeine that can be abused or lead to dependence.

What color promethazine has codeine?

Promethazine with Codeine comes in prescription bottles and is normally a dark purple color. When mixed with clear beverages it will lighten to a pink color. Other variations of the drink use other, over-the-counter cough syrups, so they may range in color and strength.

How much is too much promethazine codeine?

For oral dosage form (syrup): Adults and children 12 years of age and older—5 milliliters (mL) (1 teaspoonful) every 4 to 6 hours. Do not take more than 30 mL in 24 hours.

What is the street value of cough syrup with promethazine?

USE OF PROMETHAZINE WITH CODEINE SYRUP – Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The drug Promethazine with Codeine is commonly known “on the street” as “syrup” and/or “lean,” the latter. Current street values for “syrup” range from $25.

What is promethazine-DM syrup used for?

Promethazine-DM is the generic form of Phenergan -DM. It is a prescription medication available in syrup form that contains promethazine and dextromethorphan . It is used to prevent coughing and a runny nose. Close-up of a doctor holding a small cap of medicine.

Can I take expired promethazine?

Generally it is not recommended that drugs are used past their expiry date. This is because the manufacturer can no longer guarantee their safety or efficacy. In this case Promethazine starts destabilising once the bottle is open and exposed to oxygen making it less effective. If you were to use the expired medicine it will probably be ineffective.

Is promethazine addictive?

Promethazine is an antihistamine and it is frequently combined with codeine in prescription cough medication. While promethazine is not addictive, codeine is. But by some reports, promethazine is also sought by some drug abusers who like its sedative effects.

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