Where on earth is the tropical rainforest located?

Where on earth is the tropical rainforest located?

Tropical rainforests are mainly located between the latitudes of 23.5°N (the Tropic of Cancer) and 23.5°S (the Tropic of Capricorn)—the tropics. Tropical rainforests are found in Central and South America, western and central Africa, western India, Southeast Asia, the island of New Guinea, and Australia.

Are tropical rainforests found in Asia?

Rainforests exist in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. Jungles surrounding South America’s Amazon River and its tributaries make up Earth’s largest rainforests, encompassing large territories in several countries, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

Where are the 3 largest rainforests in the world located?

Biodiversity hotspot After the Amazon and Congo, New Guinea is home to the 3rd largest rainforest in the world.

Which rainforest is the largest in the world?

The Amazon
The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. It’s home to more than 30 million people and one in ten known species on Earth. See some of this region’s splendor in our new video.

What kind of trees are in the rainforest?

5 Rainforest Trees We Love—and You Will, Too

  • Kapok tree in Madre de Dios, Peru.
  • Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
  • Ramón tree (Brosimum alicastrum)
  • Xate (Chamaedorea elegans, Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii, Chamaedorea oblongata)
  • Ipê (Tabebuia spp)

What is the largest rainforest in Asia?

New Guinea Rainforest The island is home to the largest rainforest in the Asia-Pacific region and the third largest rainforest in the world. There are few places on Earth that rival the diversity of the New Guinea Rainforest.

What is the largest forest in Asia?

What is the Largest Forest in Asia? The Sundarbans is the world’s biggest mangrove forest.

What are the top 5 largest rainforests?

This article focuses specifically on the world’s tropical rainforests. The following charts show the extent of primary forest cover and tree cover in the tropics for the world’s five largest blocks of rainforest: Amazon, Congo, Australiasia, Sundaland, and Indo-Burma.

What is the biggest rainforest in Asia?

New Guinea Rainforest The rainforests of New Guinea cover around 65% of the land area of the second largest island in the world. The island is home to the largest rainforest in the Asia-Pacific region and the third largest rainforest in the world.

Where can I find a tropical rainforest?

The location of the tropical rainforest is around the equator. They are primarily found within the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. You will find tropical rainforest biomes in Australia, the Southeast of Asia, the Southern portion if India, and South America.

Where are rainforest located?

Rainforests are found in the tropics, the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn , just above and below the Equator.

What is the location of the tropical rainforest?

The Tropical Rainforest is located mainly in places near the Equator. Such areas include Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia.

What is the ecosystem of the tropical rainforest?

Tropical rainforest biome is an ecology or ecosystem composed of mainly vegetation community where the trees are closely spaced, and the crowns interact with each other to result in an unbroken canopy of plants. Tropical rainforests are abundant. Statistically, they cover approximately 7% of thesurface of the earth.

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