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What is hypervolemic hyponatremia?

What is hypervolemic hyponatremia?

Hypervolemic hyponatremia is characterized by a pronounced deficit of free water excretion and leads to inappropriate water retention in comparison with the sodium concentration. This imbalance results in an expanded extracellular volume and dilutional hyponatremia.

What is Depletional hyponatremia?

Depletional hyponatremia is caused by certain disorders or drugs that produce a decrease in extracellular fluid, leading to an excessive loss of renal salts. Dilutional hyponatremia has two primary classifications: normal extracellular volume (euvolemic) or elevated extracellular volume (hypervolemic).

What is the prevalence of hyponatremia in the United States?

United States. The incidence of hyponatremia depends largely on the patient population and the criteria used to establish the diagnosis. Among hospitalized patients, 15-20% have a serum sodium level of < 135 mEq/L, while only 1-4% have a serum sodium level of less than 130 mEq/L. The prevalence of hyponatremia is lower in the ambulatory setting.

When do you have no symptoms of hyponatremia?

There may be no symptoms if you have mild hyponatremia. You may have symptoms when the level of sodium in your blood goes too low or drops too fast. In severe cases, you may have one or more of the following:

What is the recurrence rate of nodular fasciitis?

The recurrence rate for nodular fasciitis is 1-2%. Recurrence is more common in the pediatric population with lesions in the head and neck region. Patients with excisional biopsy with complete resolution and no recurrence require no further follow-up.

What are the symptoms of nodular fasciitis in children?

Although the tumor is less common in children, lesions in the head and neck are the most frequently occurring variety in patients in this population. Patients will sometimes complain of pain or tenderness at the sight. Numbness or paresthesia is uncommon and may only occur when the nodule is compressing a peripheral nerve.

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