Which is the best version of cubie board?

Which is the best version of cubie board?

With the support of everyone, within a few years, CubieTeam has developed a series of products, from CubieBoard1, CubieBoard2, CubieBoard3 to CubieBoard4. All of them widely praised by community and CubieBoard fans. Cubietruck, aka CB3, is the best one …

When did the Cubieboard 2 SBC come out?

CubieBoard2 was launched on June 19 2013, it has been more than 4 years till now. CubieBoard2 is a very small size open source single board computer (SBC)which runs Android and many Linux open source operating systems.

How is premoboard used in Cubieboard 2?

PremoBoard is designed by PremoBoard team from Italy (website: www.premoboard.net). PremoBoard is a significant innovation in the usage of CubieBoard2. It brings dual Wifi, dual Lan ports and 4 USB host ports and can be applied in DMZ, Proxy, Firewall, TOR Node, Access Point, Router and so on…

Where can I find the Cubieboard download page?

All of the three download source/server entries are listed in the webpage http://cubieboard.org/download/ And in order to make sure the http://cubieboard.org website server to be more stable, we have to reduce the Cubie FTP server download pressure. So many new products resource will be moved to Mega cloud.

Who is chord in the Cubieboard schematics?

The Login window is all in chinese with a user named chord and options of booting with LDXE/openboot. Thanks […] to the schematics [link] we find that the I2S pins are not connected to the expansion headers.

What kind of processor does Cubieboard 4 have?

Cubieboard4 also named CC-A80, is an open source mini PC or single board computer which has ultra-powerful performance and mainly aims to office, games and entertainment… The main chipset Allwinner A80 is a 28nm Octa-Core A15/A7 big.LITTLE architecture application processor with a CPU dominant frequency of 2GHz.

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