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What is the meaning of pounced?

What is the meaning of pounced?

1 : to suddenly jump toward and seize something with or as if with claws The cat waited to pounce. 2 : to act, approach, or attack suddenly or without hesitation I pounced on the opportunity.

What is another word for pounced?

What is another word for pounce?

jump ambush
drop down on swoop down on
take by surprise fall upon
make a grab for seize upon
rush lunge

What tense is the word pounced?

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense pounces , present participle pouncing , past tense, past participle pounced. 1. verb. If someone pounces on you, they come up towards you suddenly and take hold of you. He pounced on the photographer, beat him up and smashed his camera. [

What is a Punce?

/ (pʌns) Northern English dialect / noun. a kick. verb punce, puncing or punced. to kick.

What is the opposite of pounce?

Opposite of to spring upon suddenly to attack or capture. aid. ascend. recoil.

What is Embroidery pounce?

Share. “Prick and Pounce” is a method of transferring an embroidery design by using a pattern that is pricked with tiny holes, placed on the fabric, and then pounced all over with a powder that filters into the tiny holes, leaving tiny dots on the fabric.

Is pounced past tense?

Pounced meaning Simple past tense and past participle of pounce.

How do you use pounce in a sentence?

Use pounce in a sentence. A cat preparing to pounce on chickens. verb. Pounce is to jump on something, to take quick and decisive action or to swoop in and catch or attack something. When a cat suddenly jumps on a mouse, this is an example of when the cat pounces on the mouse.

What is the plural of pounce?

pounce (usually uncountable, plural pounces) (historical) A type of fine powder, as of sandarac, or cuttlefish bone, sprinkled over wet ink to dry the ink after writing.

What is another word for “pounced on”?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for pounced. attacked. capered, caprioled, cavorted, frolicked, gamboled. (or gambolled), romped.

What is another word for pounce on?

Synonyms for pounce on include fly at, assault, attack, accost, belabor, belabour, beset, mug, set about and set upon. Find more similar words at!

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