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Are walnut kitchen cabinets expensive?

Are walnut kitchen cabinets expensive?

Typical Kitchen Pricing Walnut is an exotic scarce wood. It is our most expensive line of cabinetry. An average 10 by 10 kitchen would cost roughly $4,000 to $6,000. Some people offer cheaper cabinets, but none of them are made of solid all wood contruction.

Is walnut wood good for kitchen cabinets?

Walnut is a classy wood that’s often used in carving projects, custom woodworking, and of course in high quality cabinets. It’s a dark colored medium-hardness wood that holds up well under standard use.

Is veneer good for kitchen cabinets?

Furniture or cabinets made using veneers are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood furniture. Veneer finishes look luxurious and expensive. They add warmth and a touch of class to your décor. As the veneers are sourced from real wood, no two veneers will look exactly the same.

How much does it cost to veneer kitchen cabinets?

A smaller kitchen costs $1,000 to $3,000 for laminate, and a larger kitchen with high-quality wood veneer, costs can rise to $8,000 to $10,000+….Average Cost to Reface Cabinets.

National Average Cost $6,518
Maximum Cost $11,500
Average Range $4,214 to $8,110

Why are walnut cabinets so expensive?

Walnut is more expensive as it is a bit rarer due to natural limitations such as size. Ash, Maple, and Cherry are more abundant as they grow larger but have highly sought after aesthetics in the grain which make them less expensive than Walnut but more expensive than some hardwoods.

What is more expensive cherry or walnut?

Walnut is often more expensive than cherry. Walnut trees are not as readily available as cherry trees. They also don’t grow as tall, producing less wood per tree than other hardwood trees. Walnut wood doesn’t usually come in long boards, meaning there are often more knots to work around.

What is more expensive laminate or veneer?

However, laminates comprise plastics and resins which will end up in landfills over a period of time. Since veneer sheets are made with thin layers of real wood, they are more costly than factory-manufactured laminate finishes.

Is veneer wood cheap?

Advantages: Wood veneer furniture pieces use a minimal amount of natural wood, making them more affordable and environmentally friendly. Wood veneers are also less prone to the splintering and warping that can come from an all-wood design.

Is wood veneer durable?

Ultimately, veneer products can be beautiful, affordable and durable, but they will never be solid wood. For some consumers, it is hard to get over the idea that veneer products might be on par with wood furniture in a lot of important categories. Veneer is susceptible to water damage.

How thin can wood veneer be?

Wood veneer can be really thin depending on the species. Veneer backed with paper can easily be 0.254mm or 10 mils (0.010″) thick while unbacked veneer is usually around 0.605mm or .0238″ (1/42″) thick.

How wood veneer is produced?

Veneer is obtained either by “peeling” the trunk of a tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood known as flitches. The appearance of the grain and figure in wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and depends upon the angle at which the wood is sliced.

What is cabinet veneer?

Cabinet veneer is a thin covering that is applied to cabinet doors and frames as a means of providing a more attractive appearance. Veneers of this type are often uses to face cabinetry that is constructed with durable but less costly materials. As a result, homeowners can enjoy the look of more expensive cabinets without…

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