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What did Gilles binchois do?

What did Gilles binchois do?

Binchois is often considered to be the finest melodist of the 15th century, writing carefully shaped lines which are not only easy to sing but utterly memorable. His tunes appeared in copies decades after his death, and were often used as sources for Mass composition by later composers.

What did Gilles binchois compose?

He was also a canon at a church in Mons together with Dufay, whom he undoubtedly came to know in middle life. Binchois is known to have written some twenty-eight Mass sections, four Magnificats, some thirty motets and hymn settings and around 55 chansons.

Did Binchois work for an English court?

According to Ockeghem’s song-motet honoring Binchois at his death, he was also a soldier, and may have been employed by the Earl of Suffolk during the English occupation of France. Burgundy was an English ally in this period, and Binchois joined the Burgundian court choir around 1427.

Where is Gilles binchois from?

Mons, Belgium
Gilles Binchois/Place of birth

When was Gilles binchois born?

Gilles Binchois/Date of birth
Destined to become one of the most influential composers of the early fifteenth century, Gilles Binchois was born sometime around 1400, probably in Mons, to a well-placed bourgeois family.

Who was the most famous Burgundian composer?

Guillaume Dufay
Although Guillaume Dufay (q.v.), the most illustrious Burgundian composer, was probably never a regular member of the chapel, he was associated with the ducal court at Dijon as a musician and chaplain.

What instrument did Gilles binchois play?

His father’s work at a church gave him access to an organ, and it’s thought that he trained at Binche and became a chorister and organist at Mons. In fact, very little is known of young Binchois until 1419, when he became organist a Saint Waudru in Mons.

Who was the most famous Burgundian composer of the fifteenth century?

Other early composers there were Hugo and Arnold de Lantins, both of whom Dufay later met in Italy. Of all the names associated with the Burgundian School, the most famous was Guillaume Dufay, who was probably the most famous composer in Europe in the 15th century.

Who was the most famous Burgundian composer of the 15th century?

Guillaume Du Fay
The foremost composers of the Burgundian style were Guillaume Du Fay (ca. 1397–1474) and Gilles de Bins, known as Binchois (ca. 1400–1460). Binchois spent most of his career at the Burgundian court chapel.

Who are some of binchois’most famous composers?

The lyrics to many of his songs were poems by many of the best-known poets of the day, including Charles, duc d’Orléans, and Christine de Pisan. His music, especially that of his chansons, was widely known and has been shown to be the basis of works by other composers.

Who is the editor of the music of Gilles Binchois?

A landmark 1957 edition of Binchois’s secular music (since amended) was edited by Wolfgang Rehm, and The Sacred Music of Gilles Binchois, edited by Philip Kaye, was published in 1992. This article was most recently revised and updated by Kathleen Kuiper, Senior Editor.

Who are some famous people that Gilles Binchois was related to?

While often ranked behind his contemporaries Guillaume Dufay and John Dunstable by contemporary scholars, his works were still cited, borrowed and used as source material after his death. “Timotheus” by Jan van Eyck (1432). According to Erwin Panofsky, this could be the likeness of Gilles Binchois

Who was the father of Gilles Binchois of Mons?

Binchois was probably from Mons, the son of Jean and Johanna de Binche, who may have been from the nearby town of Binche. His father was a councillor to Duke Guillaume IV of Hainault, and also worked in a church in Mons.

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