Can I enter Thailand on an education visa?

Can I enter Thailand on an education visa?

You will need to be enrolled on a full time educational course which meets the year long requirements of this visa. With a multiple entry visa you do not need to take part in 90-day reporting, but you will need to leave and re-enter Thailand within every 90 days (you will not need a re-entry permit to do so).

How do I get an educational visa for Thailand?

Thailand Education “ED” Visa

  1. Passport with validity of not less than 6 months.
  2. Completely filled out visa application form.
  3. 2 passport-sized (4 x 6 cm) recent photo of the applicant.
  4. Recommendation letter.
  5. Letter of acceptance from the institute or organization.
  6. Student ID and Academic records (if currently studying)

Do Austrians need a visa for Thailand?

Thailand Visa Application Citizens of Austria are permitted to stay in Thailand up to 30 days if entering via international airport and up to 15 days if entering through a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country (Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia) under the Visa Exemption Rule.

How much is an education visa in Thailand?

The visa currently costs 2,000 baht but please check with your local Thai embassy as this may vary. Although you can use the same visa for up to a year, it has to be extended every 90 days by visiting the Thai Immigration Office in Bangkok. The cost of each 90 day extension is currently 1,900 baht.

How much does a Thai education visa cost?

Is it easy to get student visa for Austria?

You’ll still need to register with the Austrian authorities if you plan on staying for more than three months, but this is quick and easy. As long as you have suitable health insurance, proof of accommodation, and robust financial reserves, you’re good to go.

Where can I get an Ed visa in Thailand?

There are many schools around Thailand offering courses, and you can pretty much take your pick of location. For example, Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket offers courses for 6 months and 12 months. Each option includes the ED visa and the immigration extension fees.

How long can you stay in Thailand on an education visa?

When you return to Thailand with the Education Visa in your passport, an immigration officer will stamp your passport with a 90-day stay. You can study for the 90 days (3 months) given on your ED Visa, if that’s all you need.

Do you need an O visa to study in Thailand?

If you want to study in Thailand, you will need an education visa, officially known as a Non-Immigrant O Visa (ED). This visa applies to those studying Thai, training to become a Buddhist monk, interning at a company, or attending a training or university course.

How long can I study on my Ed visa?

You can study for the 90 days (3 months) given on your ED Visa, if that’s all you need. Alternatively, you can go to your language school and they will prepare your documentation to visit an immigration office and get the Education Visa extension to cover the total length of your course.

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