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Is Think Different trademarked?

Is Think Different trademarked?

In June 2010 Apple “Think Different” became a Registered Trademark under 3,803,176 covered under 009.

Which rival technology company did Apple have in mind when it created its Think Different slogan?

In TBWA Chiat/Day’s place, Apple brought on rival agency BBDO. However, when Jobs resumed control of Apple, he wanted to switch back. The “Think different” phrase came from TBWA Chiat/Day copywriter Craig Tanimoto.

Is Apple trademarked or copyrighted?

What Are Trademarks? The Apple trademark is a good example: While an apple cannot be copyrighted, its artistic representation can be—its use as a symbol for an electronics and software company is protected as a trademark.

What was the first slogan of Apple?

Watch the ad here. One of Apple’s first slogans was “The Power to Be Your Best”.

Who is in Apple commercial?

The ad plays on the “needle in a haystack” idiom and is set to the song “Searching (For Someone Like You)” by country singer Kitty Wells. In the one-minute ad, a rancher drives down a rural street surrounded by bales of hay.

Who are the celebrities on the Apple posters?

After the first campaign, Apple started sending complimentary posters to public schools across the nation featuring different celebrities (including Pablo Picasso, Jane Goodall, and Ron Howard) to hang in classrooms. The complete packets now sell for hundreds of dollars on some websites.

When did the Apple Think Different commercial come out?

Apple: Think different 90. It all begun with the television commercial, which first aired on Sept. 28 1997, followed by the print ads, billboards and posters. In 1998 the television spot won the second annual primetime Emmy Award for best commercial from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS).

What was the story of the Apple Think Different campaign?

It’s the story of Apple’s ‘Think different’ campaign. We are not only talking about an original idea or a beautiful ad, the campaign actually worked, and how… During the 90’s Apple was in a crisis, and with only one campaign they have managed to climb out of this slump. Steve Jobs once said: “It only took 15 .

How many Think Different posters are there in the world?

Over the years there have been dozens of different personalities on the posters. In the end it has become difficult to say which images are original, and which are fake. Below you can find 30 different posters from the Think different campaign which I believe are originals (please correct me if I’m wrong).

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