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How much material do you need to make a standard pillowcase?

How much material do you need to make a standard pillowcase?

A finished standard pillowcase should measure about 22.5 inches by 31.5 inches, allowing for fill depth, seaming and an approximate 4-inch hem. One yard of 45-inch-wide fabric should be enough to make one standard case, if the material is preshrunk.

Will a standard pillowcase fit a king pillow?

King size pillowcases are designed to fit king pillows. They’re 10 inches longer than a standard size and are too big for pillows smaller than a king. Side by side, two king pillows comfortably fit across the 76-inch width of a king size mattress.

How do you shorten a pillowcase?

Option 1: Leave the hem (quickest) This is also the quickest option! Turn the pillowcase inside out. Leave the hemmed opening alone, and cut the pillowcase to 30.5” long. Sew the cut end seam with a 1/2” seam allowance and finish the edges.

How do you make a pillowcase?

To make a standard pillowcase, use a scissors or a rotary cutter to cut out a piece that is 45″ x 36″. If you’re using a patterned fabric, take care to cut it so that the pattern is straight. Fold the fabric in half. Fold it length-wise with the finished sides, or “right” sides, of the fabric together.

How do you sew a pillow case?

How to Sew Pillow Cases. Measure and cut material. Or use an older pillow case for a pattern. A fabric pencil and quilting ruler might be helpful. Place two rectangles right sides together. Sew one side to the end, take it off the machine and sew the next side.

How do you make an envelope pillow case?

Instructions: To make an envelope pillow cover for an 18×18 pillow form: Wash and dry your fabric (if it’s a natural fibre fabric) so it doesn’t shrink later on. You’ll need to cut two pieces of fabric, cut piece A 18×18 inches. Cut piece B 18×26 inches. Then cut piece B in half. Hem one side of each B piece (the longest side).

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