What is MFBI in lte?

What is MFBI in lte?

MFBI indicates the support of multiple bands in one radio frequency cell. A cell is broacasting on a frequency that may belong to several overlapping bands of one technology. Some LTE overlapping bands : 2 / 25 or 4 / 66 or 5 / 26 or 12 / 17 or TDD 38 / 41; list available for LTE bands (Band overlap) or UMTS bands.

What is 5G n77?

n77 is a FR1 5G NR Band. It follows Time Division Duplexing (TDD) mode that requires only a single frequency band for both uplink and downlink. 5G NR Band n77 has a frequency range from 3300 – 4200 MHz with a bandwidth of 900 MHz.

What is ENDC combination?

ENDC stands for E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity, in standards parlance. According to 3GPP standards documents, ENDC allows user equipment to connect to an LTE enodeB that acts as a master node and a 5G gnodeB that acts as a secondary node.

What is IBW in 5G?

The South Korean electronics giant says it’s developed new 5G wideband radio technology that extends instantaneous bandwidth (known as IBW) support to 400-megahertz. Some cases involve construction of new sites with each contributing their own equipment, while others don’t require separate radio technologies.

Is 5G bad for privacy?

Aside from the possible privacy risks that come with 5G, some people also fear this new network will affect their health. They believe, for example, that the radiation will make us ill. So far, there hasn’t been any research that proved 5G networks actually affect our bodies.

How often does the 3GPP specification come out?

3GPP specifications The term “3GPP specification” covers all GSM (including GPRS and EDGE), W-CDMA (including HSPA), LTE (including LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro) and 5G specifications. Revised versions of many of these specifications are produced up to four times a year following the quarterly TSG plenary meetings.

How does MFBI ( multi frequency band Indicator ) work?

MFBI (Multi Frequency Band Indicator) As we have experienced in previous technology, at the initial stage of technology band/frequency allocation is done in such a way that there is no overlapping frequency between any two different bands.

What is the 3rd Generation Partnership Project ( 3GPP )?

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a standards organization which develops protocols for mobile telephony.

How is UE network knows of its MFBI capability?

Since MFBI should be supported on both UE and NW, both NW and UE should know about the capability of their counter part about this capabilililty. As described above, NW can inform UE of MFBI capability (requirement) on NW side.. then how UE can network knows of its MFBI capability ?

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