How do I Debug DLL in Visual Studio?

How do I Debug DLL in Visual Studio?

Debug from the DLL project

  1. Set breakpoints in the DLL project.
  2. Right-click the DLL project and choose Set as Startup Project.
  3. Make sure the Solutions Configuration field is set to Debug. Press F5, click the green Start arrow, or select Debug > Start Debugging.

How do I Debug IIS in Visual Studio?

In the Visual Studio toolbar, make sure the configuration is set to Debug, and either IIS Express, or the new IIS profile name, appears in the emulator field. To start debugging, select IIS Express or in the toolbar, select Start Debugging from the Debug menu, or press F5.

How do I enable debugging in IIS?

To enable server-side debugging using IIS Manager:

  1. In the Properties pages for any Web site or Web virtual directory, click the Home Directory or Virtual Directory tab.
  2. Under Application Settings, click Configuration.
  3. Click the Debugging tab.
  4. Select the Enable ASP server-side script debugging check box.

How do I Debug an external DLL in Visual Studio 2019?


  1. Debug > Windows > Modules.
  2. Find the DLL for the project you are interested in.
  3. Right Click > Load Symbols > Select the Path to the .PDB for your other project.

How can I see DLL code in Visual Studio 2019?

Follow below steps..

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Type Visual Studio Tool.
  3. Go to the folder above.
  4. Click on “Developer Command Prompt for VS 2013” in the case of VS 2013 or just “Visual Studio Command Prompt ” in case of VS 2010.
  5. After command prompt loaded to screen type ILDASM.
  6. ILDASM window will open.

How do I debug without source code?

Using Mockito to create Java Unit Test

  1. Restart Eclipse.
  2. Copy the file to the \dropins.
  3. Restart Eclipse.
  4. Go to Windows -> Preferences.
  5. Navigate to General -> Editors -> File Associations.
  6. Select *.
  7. Press OK and start debugging!

How do I enable debugging in web config?

In the Web. config file, locate the compilation element. Debugging is enabled when the debug attribute in the compilation element is set to true. Change the debug attribute to false to disable debugging for that application.

How do I link a DLL in Visual Studio?

On Windows you do not link with a . dll file directly – you must use the accompanying . lib file instead. To do that go to Project -> Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Additional Dependencies and add path to your .

How to remote debug ASP.NET in Visual Studio?

This guide explains how to set up and configure a Visual Studio ASP.NET MVC 4.5.2 application, deploy it to IIS, and attach the remote debugger from Visual Studio. To remote debug ASP.NET Core instead, see Remote Debug ASP.NET Core on an IIS Computer.

How to debug a referenced DLL in Visual Studio?

Rebuild the second solution in Debug mode on your own machine (so that file paths in that PDB are specific to your machine). Copy both the .DLL and .PDB files to your references folder. Visual Studio will pick up the .PDB file automatically and use the file paths to show source.

How do I start debugging in Visual Studio?

Set the Start Debugging button to the IIS profile and select the button to start the app. Visual Studio may prompt a restart if not running as an administrator. If prompted, restart Visual Studio. If an untrusted development certificate is used, the browser may require you to create an exception for the untrusted certificate.

How to debug from a DLL project ( Windows )?

If the app finds and loads a different version of the DLL, that version won’t contain your breakpoints. For other methods of debugging DLLs, see Debugging DLL projects.

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