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Do you need a sticker for Dennis beaches?

Do you need a sticker for Dennis beaches?

West Dennis Beach Amenities: Lifeguards in season, food concession, restroom and shower facilities, playground. Handicap ramps and Mobi-Chair available. Parking: There are over 1000 parking spots in the lot, so parking is usually not an issue. Daily fee or sticker required.

What time does Chapin beach close?

Public Parking Areas:

Chapin Memorial Beach 8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm
Mayflower Beach 7am – 5pm 9am – 4pm
Corporation Beach 8am – 5pm 9am – 4pm
Howes Street Beach 9am – 4pm 9am – 4pm

Does Chapin beach have bathrooms?

This beautiful border encompasses three beaches in one: Chapin, Mayflower and Bayview beach. This public beach has plenty of room for frisbee games, lifeguards on duty, public restrooms, a boardwalk, picnic area and paid parking.

What town is Chapin beach in?

Chapin Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod |

Where do I put my Dennis Beach sticker?

See the proper placement of town issued stickers here.

  1. Beach – front passenger side bumper or passenger side windshield – OUTSIDE ONLY.
  2. Transfer – driver’s side inside windshield in lower corner.
  3. Off Road – driver side front bumper.
  4. Harbor – driver side front bumper.

How do you get a Dennis beach sticker?

Sticker sales are also available via drop-off, mail-in, or our online system. Similar to last summer, for those who wish to visit the Dennis beaches there will be resident, seasonal, weekly, and non-resident beach parking stickers.

Are dogs allowed on Dennis beaches?

Dogs on Dennis Public Beaches Residents and visitors to Cape Cod enjoy a barefoot sunset walk on the clean sandy beaches of Dennis. The rest of the year dogs are welcome on the beaches as long as their owners respect the dog control bylaws in place for all public places in Dennis.

How is the beach at Chapin Memorial Beach?

The sand drifts along the homes driving up to the beach, look like snow drifts. The steps are all sand covered as swept. The tide was out. Sooooo far out. You could walk several hundred yards. Picturesque and highly recommend, in season or off season. One of the most beautiful sunsets. Arrived around 430pm, so no parking charge.

How much does it cost to park at Chapin Beach?

The parking fees in season are quite steep. It’s $25 a day and $30 on weekends, yikes. The beach looks a lot different than the ones I frequent on the other side of the Cape, but it’s still beautiful in a different way. It was insanely windy on the day I visited and sand was flying all over the place.

Where are the best beaches in Dennis MA?

Bayview Beach. 7am – 5pm: West Dennis Beach (east lot only) 8am – 5pm: Cold Storage Beach. 7am – 5pm: South Village Beach (south lot only) 9am – 4pm: Harborview Beach: 9am – 4pm

Which is better Mayflower Beach or Chapin Beach?

We love Chapin Beach in Dennis – almost as much as we love Mayflower Beach right next door. This pristine tidal flat beach, is teeming with wildlife and a great place to bring the family, dogs and kids. (Dogs must be leashed and after hours in-season)

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