How to create a drop down list in MVC?

How to create a drop down list in MVC?

In this way, we can use the DropDownList method for creating a drop-down in our MVC architecture. In this article, ASP .Net MVC is used. We can even collect the options or selectItemList values from the database and then assign them to our drop-down is necessary. This is the most common case while dealing with drop-down in real-time applications.

Which is the third parameter in MVC dropdownlist?

The third parameter is the optional label parameter which will act as the first value on dropDownList and the last parameter being the HTML attribute specifying CSS is any and other information. The final code that will be sent to your browser will look somewhat like the following which is similar to HTML code.

How to create a dropdown list in Razor View?

When we have to get a dropdown list on a particular form in an MVC ASP.Net project or application then we can use the HtmlHelper class. The HtmlHelper class helps us by providing two methods namely DropDownList () and DropDownListFor () to create the element in razor view.

What do I need to use the dropdown list helper?

The DropDownList helper used to create an HTML select list requires a IEnumerable , either explicitly or implicitly.

Let’s take a look at each of these HTML helper examples in MVC. Before we begin to create drop down list using Razor, let’s create a new project in Visual Studio and link it with database. Note: If you are already connected to database while working on some project, you can skip, Step 1 and Step 2, directly proceed to Step 3

What does html.dropdownlist mean in ASP.NET?

Html.DropDownList is a loosely type that means it is not strongly bound to any list items and model properties.

How to bind model to html.dropdownlistfor?

Html.DropDownListFor is strongly bounded with model properties and checks for all errors at compile time. Before using this method, you must bind views with a model. Add model name in the top of the view as follows: Html.DropDownListFor (model =>, IEnumerable selectList, string optionLabel, object htmlAttributes)

How is a gender dropdownlist created in HTML?

While for capturing the Gender value, a DropDownList with three options is created using the Html.DropDownListFor function. There’s also a Submit Button at the end of the Form and when the Button is clicked, the Form is submitted.

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