Are photon torpedoes more powerful than phasers?

Are photon torpedoes more powerful than phasers?

In TNG, Phasers were used as a first use defensive weapon and also provided more precision. Photon Torpedoes as a follow on or offensive weapon used to cause more damage and were generally less effective at precision targeting.

How powerful is a photon torpedo?

Photon torpedoes are a standard ship-based weapon armed with an antimatter warhead. The energy output of a photon torpedo, according to the Star Trek Technical Manuals is a maximum theoretical yield of 25 isotons and a maximum rated yield of 18.5 isotons.

What’s the difference between photon torpedoes and quantum torpedoes?

The 2010 MMORPG Star Trek Online features quantum torpedoes. Their characteristic differences from photon torpedoes is higher velocity and higher damage per torpedo, but slower reload rate. Some Federation NPC vessels are equipped with these, as well as all Dominion NPC ships.

How fast is a photon torpedo?

The photon torpedo will be observed by Earthbound observer A to have a speed of 0.86c. That is faster than the 0.75c in B’s frame, of course, but far different than the 1.05c predicted by the Galilean Transformation.

Is a photon torpedo possible?

The technology of photon torpedoes is quite possibly a Science Fact, though there are severe limitations, which make photon torpedoes less likely a possibility than phasers. Photon torpedoes on Star Trek are famed for their accuracy and maneuverability; they track down and destroy their targets with deadly precision.

Are phasers real?

It is important to note that while phasers aren’t theoretically impossible, they may not become what we imagine them to be today. Phasers, if they are anything like lasers, are nothing more than propagated beams of light, which travels from point A to point B in one direction (a straight line).

How do the Borg adapt?

A special mechanic of ground Borg mobs is that they can adapt to the attacks of players, making further weapon attacks effectively useless against them. In order to counter this effect, the weapon frequencies have to be remodulated.

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