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How much should a tailored suit cost?

How much should a tailored suit cost?

The price of a custom suit can range from $800 to about $1,800, while bespoke suits start at $2,800 and go up to $4,800.

Who is the world best tailor?


  • Gieves & Hawkes. No address in British menswear carries as much cachet as No.
  • Huntsman. With a history that dates back to 1809, Huntsman is one of the most storied names on Savile Row.
  • Richard James.
  • Thom Sweeney.
  • Edward Sexton.
  • Kiton.
  • Caruso.
  • Rubinacci.

Who makes the best suits in the world?

Top Suit Brands: The 10 Most Expensive Suits in the World

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke.
  2. World Wood Record Cup Challenge Suits.
  3. Brioni Vanquish II.
  4. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke.
  5. Kiton K-50.
  6. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke.
  7. Dormeuil Vanquish II.
  8. Alexander Price Bespoke.

Which is the best made to measure tailor in the UK?

Founded by Reto Peter and Patrick Jungo, Edit Suits Co offers the quickest delivery time in UK for tailored suits (requiring less than 3 weeks for most popular fabrics), the brand offer high quality suiting and a personal yet speedy made to measure service at a reasonable price, bridging the gap between the high-street and Saville Row.

Where are the best tailors in London now?

Having always stood out from the Savile Row establishment, in 1990 Sexton did the almost unthinkable and decamped to Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge, where the house still thrives under current creative director Dominic Sebag-Montefiore.

Which is the best tailor on the High Street?

Another high street favourite, Moss Bros launched their “Tailor Me” service two years ago and it’s a great deal, at only £100 on top of the price of an off the peg suit.

Is there a travelling tailor in Solihull UK?

Based in Solihull, its “travelling tailor” service is available by appointment and it will work its magic on a suit that’s just to your liking, with a collection of fabrics that can tailor to winter country weddings and paradisiacal beachside nuptials alike.

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