What is self reflexive novel?

What is self reflexive novel?

Quick Reference A term applied to literary works that openly reflect upon their own processes of artful composition. Such self‐referentiality is frequently found in modern works of fiction that repeatedly refer to their own fictional status (see metafiction).

What is meant by self reflexivity?

The definition of self reflexive is someone making reference to their own artificiality. An example of a self reflexive critique is a politician who goes back over her life and reflects on where she may not have been totally honest in what she said or did. adjective.

How do you use self reflexive in a sentence?

Self-reflexive sentence example He does nothing but wander about in a self-reflexive manner that says as much about the movie as it does him. The former I take to indicate a self-reflexive process, an interrogation of authorship within the image.

What’s another word for self reflexive?

What is another word for self-reflection?

introspection self-observation
self-examination self-searching
self-scrutiny self-questioning
self-contemplation soul-searching
self-analysis self-appraisal

What is another word for reflexive?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reflexive, like: reflex, reflexive-pronoun, discursive, myself, self-referent, dialogical, dialectical, reflexivity, self-reflective, phenomenological and communicative.

What is a word for self analysis?

Self-analysis Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for self-analysis?

brooding reflection
self-examination soul-searching
self-observation self-scrutiny
self-questioning self-contemplation
self-reflection self-searching

Which is the best definition of self reflexive?

Definition of self-reflexive. : marked by or making reference to its own artificiality or contrivance self-reflexive fiction.

Who is the founder of the self reflexive novel?

The Self-begetting Novel In an attempt to define all self-reflexive long fiction, Steven G. Kellman devised the term “self-begetting novel,” by which he means a work that appears to have been written by a character within that work.

Which is the most common effect of self reflexive writing?

This effect, called metafiction, is common to all self-reflexive works, though it is usually more extreme in each successive level.

Is the current exhibition a self reflexive exhibition?

As with that earlier project, the current exhibition is both magnanimous and self-reflexive. Like its predecessors, the novel comes dripping in satire, but this time of a more avowedly self-reflexive nature. Yes, this king of self-reflexive stand-up is always close to pushing his luck too far.

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