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Who owns Costain Nigeria?

Who owns Costain Nigeria?

Costain West Africa Plc

Company Name Costain West Africa Plc
Directors Kola Karim – Chairman Philip Wharton – Deputy Chairman Ayodeji Karim – CEO/Managing Director Harm Ploeger Lara Coker Mark Stephens Dr Oladimeji Bada Fernando Barreto Krishnamurthi Ramakrishnan Anil Gokhale
Company Secretary Abieyuwa Obasuyi

Is Costain going bust?

Based on the latest financial disclosure, COSTAIN GROUP PLC has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 42.0%. This indicator is about the same for the Industrials average (which is currently at 42.58) sector and 24.56% higher than that of the Engineering & Construction industry.

What does Costain Group do?

We are a leading provider of engineering solutions to UK water utility companies across the asset lifecycle. We are supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy infrastructure by improving existing asset efficiency and life extension while leading the transition to a sustainable clean, green energy future.

Is Costain a good company?

Costain is a good company to work for. The pay is good and there are some fantastic professional people working there. There is plenty of room for development but there are instances of bullying which is dealt with slowly but the bully always remains in their jobs. there are a few social climbers but overall its ok.

Does Costain pay dividends?

The Company has not paid a 2019 final dividend, 2020 interim dividend or 2020 final dividend.

What are Costain like to work for?

Who is the CEO of Costain Group plc?

CEO of ASGC, a shareholder of Costain Group PLC. Tony Quinlan was appointed as an independent non-executive director in February 2021. He is a chartered accountant, an experienced non-executive director and audit chair with experience as a public company chief executive and finance director.

How long has Costain been in the UK?

We’ve been improving the lives of people since 1865. Listed on the UK stock exchange and recognised as one of the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions companies When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.

How does Costain provide services to its clients?

We optimise the performance of our clients’ existing infrastructure assets and operational practices by combining our deep client insight and leading edge expertise, thereby increasing capacity, improving resilience, minimising downtime and reducing operating costs.

How to contact Costain from outside the UK?

If you are calling outside the UK please telephone +44 (0)121 415 7047. Please note: Suppliers must register before they can work with Costain. However, registration does not guarantee enquiries or orders from Costain.

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