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How much space is needed for a table for 8?

How much space is needed for a table for 8?

Rectangular and Oval Dining

People 2 No Shared area 2′ x 2’6″ (61 x 76cm) Minimum Size (with shared area) 2′ x 3′ (61 x 91cm)
4 4′ x 2’6″ (122 x 76cm) 4′ x 3′ (122 x 91cm)
6 6′ x 2’6″ (183 x 76cm) 6’6″ x 3′ (198 x 91cm)
8 8′ x 2’6″ (244 x 76cm) 8’6″ x 3′ (259 x 91cm)
10 10′ x 2’6″ (305 x 76cm) 10’6″ x 3′ (320 x 91cm)

What is the circumference of a table that seats 8?

192 inches
A round table for eight people must be 192 inches in circumference — 24 inches times 8 — or 62 inches in diameter (circumference divided by pi, or 3.14, equals diameter).

How much clearance do you need around a dining table?

Dining Table Clearance. No matter what shape your table is, leave at least 30 inches (76cm) between the edge of the table and an obstruction (wall or sideboard – or anything else) to allow people to take their seats. With 30 inches it will still be very tight if people get up in the middle of the meal.

How big is an 8 person dining room table?

8 person dining table Dining room size: Width: 9′ x Length: 14′ Table dimensions: Width: 36″ x Length: 8′ 10 person dining table

What are the dimensions of a dining room?

The most important dimension consideration is space surrounding the table so that people aren’t not squeezed in like sardines. Ideally, your guests should be able to sit at a comfortable distance from the table and then be able to slide their chair back to get up from the table and walk easily around the table to get in and out of the dining area.

Can a dining table seat up to 10 people?

This extendable dining table means you can settle in for a meal with space for everyone (and their elbows) at your next family dinner. Crafted from a blend of solid and engineered wood, this table features a removable leaf that allows it to extend, and seat up to 10 people.

How many chairs are in a trestle dining room set?

This trestle dining table expands for versatile use, with an elegantly… is an excellent way to add vintage style and modern sensibility to your dining room. This set includes eight chairs that gather around a wide, rectangular table, and each… includes a table with planked tabletop, self-storing extension leaf, and eight chairs.

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