What are 13 batteries used for?

What are 13 batteries used for?

hearing aids
Size 13 batteries are commonly used with larger in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and full-featured behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids in order to provide the maximum battery life in a device that is large enough to hold it. Size 675 batteries are used in hearing aids which require the most power.

How long do #13 hearing aid batteries last?

six to 14 days
Battery life for hearing aid batteries The average lifespan of hearing aid batteries is as follows: Size 10 – three to seven days. Size 312 – three to 10 days. Size 13 – six to 14 days.

Does Walmart sell hearing aid batteries?

Duracell hearing aid batteries size 312 (80 pack) –

Are size 13 and size 312 hearing aid batteries the same?

Size 13 (the orange tab) has the same radius as size 312, but is 5.4mm tall, vs. the brown-tabbed 3.6mm. The difference in height means this does indeed fit some hearing aids and not others. They are not interchangeable, so you definitely need to know which size (or which color tab) your hearing aid requires.

What size is a 13 battery?

The size 13 battery is a button cell type battery with physical dimensions of a diameter of 7.9 MM and a height of 5.4 MM….Different Sizes Of Hearing Aid Batteries.

Size 13 Information
Color Code: Orange
Cell Diameter: 7.9 MM
Cell Height: 5.4 MM
Nominal Voltage Range: 1.4V-1.45V

What is the shelf life of hearing aid batteries?

about three years
Normally, batteries last anywhere from three to 22 days (usually 5-7 days if you use your hearing aids for about 16 hours per day), depending on the hearing aid, the type and capacity of the battery and the amount of use. Most batteries have a “shelf-life” of about three years.

What is a 312 battery?

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 are identifiable by their brown colored tab. The size 312 battery is a button cell type battery with physical dimensions of a diameter of 7.9 MM and a height of 3.6 MM. The overall power and discharge of the battery depends on the composition of the chemistry of the battery.

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