How much does an RV 7a cost?

How much does an RV 7a cost?

Pricing. As of December 2016, the price of the “standard build” RV-7 kit was US$22,910 and the “quick-build” kit US$34,350. In 2008, Van’s claimed that most builders can complete their RV-7 projects for between US$41,000 – $97,000. In 2016, Van’s estimated the completion cost at between US$55,500 and US$116,000.

How fast is a RV-7?

218 mph
Van’s Aircraft RV-7/Top speed

Is an RV-7 aerobatic?

The RV-7 is a fully aerobatic-capable airplane, stable and responsive.

How much does an RV plane cost?

The amount of time and effort required to build the airplane can vary greatly, but Vans claims that the average first-time builder can complete it in 2,000 hours. The total price of the standard-build kit as of December 2016, was US$46,090, which did not include an engine or avionics.

Are vans aircraft safe?

According to the Aviation Safety Network, an exclusive service of the Flight Safety Foundation, there have been 77 crashes with 55 fatalities involving Van’s RV-7 model Aircraft since December 2003, and 34 accidents with 19 fatalities involving Van’s RV-10 models since 2007.

How much does a Vans RV 12 cost?

Retail prices for SLSA RV–12s are unchanged at $135,000 for base models and $145,000 for premium versions with two-screen glass panels, autopilots, and deluxe interiors. Van’s also sells RV-12s as kits to individual builders; these aircraft are governed by Experimental/Amateur-Built rules.

Which is the most popular RV 6 aircraft?

The RV-6 taildragger is – by far – the most prolific experimental airplane in the world. Cousin to the tailwheel model, the RV-6A tricycle gear model is also a popular and very common aircraft. The side-by-side RV-6 and its cousin, the tricycle gear RV-6A were introduced in 1986 and soon became the best-selling kit aircraft to date.

What’s the difference between RV 6 and RV 6A?

After the RV-6A was flying, Van’s designed another major change. A sliding canopy became an option on both the RV-6 and RV-6A. This proved very popular in hot climates, where long taxis under a burning sun could become very uncomfortable.

Is the RV 7 / 7A the same as the RV 8?

The RV-7/7A flies much like the RV- 6 or RV-8, with the same excellent handling and aerobatic capabilities. In the following years the RV-10, RV-12 and RV-14 were add- ed — airplanes different enough that they are described in their own flyers.

What kind of airplane is RV-9A side by side?

The side-by-side RV- 9A combined an RV-6 cabin with a completely new wing. Intended as a efficient, fun “weekend” flying machine, the RV-9A turned out to be an excellent cross-country airplane as well.

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