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What is the largest of the countries in Central America?

What is the largest of the countries in Central America?

Largest countries in Central America, by total area (in square kilometers)

Characteristic Area in square kilometers
Panama 75,420
Costa Rica 51,100
Belize 22,966
El Salvador 21,041

How many major countries does Central America have?

seven countries
Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Their combined population is estimated at 44.53 million (2016). Central America is a part of the Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot, which extends from northern Guatemala to central Panama.

Is Mexico the largest country in Central America?

While Nicaragua is the largest country in area, of Central America, Guatemala has the largest population by country in Central America, with more than 14 million people and they also have the most populated city in Central America, being Guatemala City.

Which is the poorest country in Central America?

Nicaragua: Is the least stable country in the region, and the second-poorest in the hemisphere after Haiti….Gross domestic product by country (2012)

Countries El Salvador
GDP PPP per capita $7,734
nominal GDP $23,985,000,000
nominal GDP per capita $4,108

Which country is the smallest in Central America?

El Salvador
El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and is smaller than the state of Massachusetts. This mountainous country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Honduras.

What is the most developed country in Central America?

However, Costa Rica is considered to be the most “developed” of the Central American countries because it has a relatively high GDP per capita and has the best indicators of the Central American countries for life expectancy at birth, infant mortality rate, and adult literacy rate.

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