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Can you flush mount a consumer unit?

Can you flush mount a consumer unit?

The Hamilton Flush Mounting Kit allows the Contour Consumer Unit to be installed within the wall cavity so that the cover fits flush with the wall. It gives a streamlined, clean and modern finish with a simple installation process that increases the flexibility of where the unit can be installed.

What should a consumer unit be mounted on?

Approved Document M recommends that in new dwellings, switches, sockets and other equipment should be located between 450mm and 1200mm from finished floor level, it also suggests that consumer units are mounted so that the switches are between 1350mm and 1450mm above floor level.

Can a consumer unit be mounted on a wall?

Hi, Yes you can fit a consumer unit/fuse box to a wall, either brick or stud, without a mounting plate. The only requirement is it must be accessible and securely fitted at least 150mm away from a gas meter.

Who makes Wylex consumer units?

Two UK factory locations, and some offshore facilities e.g. Siemens MCB RCBO factory are used to produce Wylex products.

What is an RCBO consumer unit?

An RCBO is a residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection and monitors electrical circuits to keep them running safely, disconnecting the circuit if it’s unbalanced. These devices are commonly used where there is a need to combine protection against overload, short circuit and earth leakage currents.

Does a consumer unit have to be mounted on wood?

I dont think so, the consumer unit itself is non-combustible and although you can see the wood, the consumer unit could not ignite it in normal use. If this was an issue we would not be able to mount anything on wood….See Also:

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Should a consumer unit be mounted on wood?

NICEIC answer: It is a question of preserving the integrity of the consumer unit as this affords, by its construction and material, protection against the risk of fire to the surface to which it is mounted. SELECT answer: You can secure surface-mounted consumer units on to wooden back boards.

How is a consumer unit wired?

The modern consumer unit is the centre, or heart, of the wiring system in the home. The unit distributes the electricity, via fuses of one kind or another, to the different circuits in the house. The older fuse wires are being replaced gradually by their modern equivalent, the MCB or miniature circuit breaker.

Can I change my own consumer unit?

Can I Change My Own Consumer Unit? This is not a DIY job. Unless you are a qualified electrician, then you should not try to replace your own consumer unit. It is a legal requirement that this type of electrical work is carried out by a certified professional.

Is changing a consumer unit notifiable?

You are absolutely correct, a consumer unit upgrade is classed as notifiable work under Part P of the building regulations as is any new circuit installed in a domestic environment.

Why are flush consumer units recessed 17th edition?

This allows the back box alone to be installed during the construction, removing the risk of the devices and terminations becoming contaminated with building materials, damaged or stolen and also means factory connections do not need to be disconnected.

Can a flush unit be installed in a hollow wall?

Hager’s new flush consumer unit conforming to Amendment 3 of the wiring regulations has been designed specifically for installation in solid or hollow walls.

How does an internal adjustable frame work on a flush?

The internal adjustable frame houses the terminal bars and devices and has top and bottom flanges that sit on the finished wall surface. This ensures that the front cover will sit flat on to the surface of the wall, with all devices protruding evenly through the front cover without any time consuming adjustments. .

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