What is the latest version of gSOAP?

What is the latest version of gSOAP?


Developer(s) Robert van Engelen
Initial release December 8, 2000
Stable release 2.8.107 / October 6, 2020
Repository svn.code.sf.net/p/gsoap2/code/
Written in C and C++

What is gSOAP used for?

The gSOAP toolkit offers C/C++ tools and libraries to implement efficient and secure SOAP, XML, JSON and REST client and service Web API applications. The tools also offer XML data bindings for C and C++ to generate XML serializers to efficiently read and write C/C++ data to and from files and streams.

What is Genivia gSOAP?

The most advanced C/C++ autocoding tools for XML Web service APIs and other XML applications. gSOAP is the top-rated agile development framework for C/C++ Web service APIs and XML. Join our rapidly growing world-wide customer base with over a million downloads.

How do I install gSOAP on Windows?

Installing gSOAP on Windows with Cygwin or MinGW Install OpenSSL and Zlib libraries to enable HTTPS and HTTP compression. Cygwin users should select openssl-devel source and zlib-devel source to install. Otherwise, the OpenSSL and Zlib header files cannot be found.

Is gSOAP free?

So the answer is that as long as you do NOT use wsdl2h, do NOT use the web server code, and do NOT use the UDDI code then you can use the gSOAP public license for free (which is based on the MPL1. 1 open source license and a copy of the gSOAP public license is included in the package).

How do I use gSOAP?

To deploy gSOAP services, you have several options to integrate the service application in a Web server: CGI deployment with a Web server using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) of Web servers such as Apache or IIS is the simplest method, which requires almost no coding with gSOAP.

What kind of toolkit is gSOAP for soap?

gSOAP is a C and C++ software development toolkit for SOAP/XML web services and generic XML data bindings.

Where can I get the latest version of gSOAP?

The latest open source gSOAP release is available for download under the GPLv2 license. Old GPLv2-licensed releases will be archived. The current and older commercial gSOAP versions are available for download from Genivia if you purchased a commercial-use license.

What kind of annotation is used in gSOAP?

To establish an XML data binding with C/C++ data types, gSOAP uses three basic forms of source code annotation: directives, identifier naming conventions, and punctuation.

How is gSOAP used to serialize C files?

Given a set of C/C++ type declarations, the compiler-based gSOAP tools generate serialization routines in source code for efficient XML serialization of the specified C and C++ data structures. Serialization takes zero-copy overhead.

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